Day 5

Day 5

Fun never ends at Camp Pontiac!!!

Today we had our traditional Pontiac Girls Invitational Tennis Tournament, we were victorious in the 6th, 8th & under and 10th grade & under, singles-doubles. Congrats to all players!!!

For the evening activities: mini golf, capture the flag, and wacky relays. While some were running and jumping, some others were relaxing watching a movie in the Paramount.

Day 4

Day 4

A sunny morning was great to start the day: the lake, beach and pools were a fabulous choice to cool off.

The sky got a bit cloudy, but a little rain can’t keep Camp Pontiac down! We enjoyed a full afternoon of activities playing Basketball, hockey and Volleyball.

We built models, crafted ceramics and tons of figures were created in Lego Land!!!

For the night activity our Sophmore girls had an amazing time at the island by a camp fire, while the Soph boys were the fist ones this summer to enjoy a night at Tree-top.

Day 3

Day 3

Today was an amazing day with a great morning, all campers enjoyed a busy day of activities.

After everyone took their swimming test they were ready to enjoy the water activities we have in our daily schedule.

The Frosh boys had fun at the campfire with Ricky and their counselors after eating delicious s’moooores.

Today the little girls met their “big sisters” and everyone was thrilled with their new bbfs then they made their yummy projects and gathered around the campfire where they sang camps songs and got to know each other during another magical evening.

Day 2

Day 2!!

Today was a great day at camp!! Everyone had a busy first full day of activities, including their annual swim test that was conducted by our water front staff at their respective lakes.

The afternoon was amazing! The sun was out after a little rain during lunch, and all of our campers got the chance to enjoy different outdoor sports and a very tasty Sunday Barbecue as the tradition says.

Lower camp was very excited to have the first general swim in the pool… Woop woop!

To finish off the night we gathered together at the Playhouse to watch the new staff video!

We had an amazing show of spirit from old and new Pontiac family members after chanting our Alma matter.  Everyone is so excited to get 2017 started!!

Don’t forget to log into Bunk 1 and Camp Connect for photos and more and also check our staff video 2017 that is finally here! You can also watch it by clicking here: STAFF VIDEO

Day 1

Arrival Day!

After spending so many months waiting for the best day of the year, all of our campers arrived safely and jumped straight into a fun-filled day of cheering and hugging as the campers ran from the buses to meet and greet so many new and returning faces!

After a beautiful sunny day of reconnecting with old friends and making new ones, the campers enjoyed an awesome ice-cream party in the dining hall where we reunited as a happy family in our home away from home.


Don’t forget to log into Bunk 1 and Camp Connect for photos


Day 49

Day 49

Today was a very emotional day at camp as all of our campers are getting ready to go back home. This morning we had all our annual awards, with Girls Side gathering on the Island while the boys reunited at the Pond for their ceremony.

This evening we all joined together as one camp at the Playhouse where the “Mr/Ms” awards and camper and counselor of the year awards were announced in front of the entire camp. We enjoyed our final video montage and the CITs had the opportunity to share what camp really means to them after all of these amazing years and present their own CIT video montage.

After singing an amazing final group Alma Mater as one, we all headed down by the Island to see our traditional “2016” numbers, symbolizing another year at camp that has come and gone, and say so long (after all, it’s never “goodbye”) together as family on our last night at Pontiac.

The awards were as followed:



Camper of the year: Hayden Fabricant

Athlete of the year: Jonny Farber

Spirit and Sportsmanship: Jacob Chapman

Special achievement: Jordan Roth

Waterfront award: Ian Szerencsy

Fine arts award: Jakey Pine

Overall Humanitarian award: Jordan Sanders



Camper of the year: Andrew Ismailer

Athlete of the year: Sam Ismailer

Spirit and Sportsmanship: Asher Worman

Special achievement: Dylan Freedberg

Waterfront award: Jake Fagelman-Walker

Fine arts award: Mikey Ofsie

Overall Humanitarian award: Matthew Brecker



Camper of the year: Zachary Pero

Athlete of the year: Russell Schmell

Spirit and Sportsmanship: Harrison Morgan

Special achievement: Cody Zamat

Waterfront award: Chris Acosta

Fine arts award: Justin Fells

Overall Humanitarian award: Henry Hurvitz



Camper of the year: Sean Ernst

Athlete of the year: Ethan Taerstein

Spirit and Sportsmanship: Devin Shell

Special achievement: Eithan Hayim

Waterfront award: Jordan Badler

Fine arts award: Tyler Schneiderman

Overall Humanitarian award: Ben Chapman



Camper of the year: Jesse Polsky

Athlete of the year: Josh Chostaka

Spirit and Sportsmanship: Noah Sadler

Special achievement: Zach Pierce

Waterfront award: Ethan Feldman

Fine arts award: Dean Dauplaise

Overall Humanitarian award: Ian Brecker



Camper of the year: Jack Schpeiber

Athlete of the year: Gavin Ostrow

Spirit and Sportsmanship: Charlie Goodman

Special achievement: Brandon Doren

Waterfront award: Jalin Belli-McCue

Fine arts award: Griffin Conte

Overall Humanitarian award: Jamie Black



Camper of the year: Benny Udine

Athlete of the year: Ryan Seidner

Spirit and Sportsmanship: Jordan Tucker

Special achievement: Justin Kingsley & Jakob Feldman

Fine arts award: Spencer Brown

Integrity award: Mason Fabricant

Overall Humanitarian award: Austin Brown



Camper of the year: Dylan Srebnik

Athlete of the year: Dylan Dubler

Spirit and Sportsmanship: Chase Duke

Special achievement: Dylan Nelson

Waterfront award: Carter Pivnike

Fine arts award: Bryce Gellman

Overall Humanitarian award: Dylan Nelson



Camper of the year: Amit Dahan

Athlete of the year: Mickey Goldberg

Spirit and Sportsmanship: Nick Disanti

Special achievement: Sam Bailin

Waterfront award: Andrew Bonchick

Fine arts award: Jack Nathan

Overall Humanitarian award: Jake Busch





Camper of the year: Brooke Kata

Athlete of the year: Jordana Wohlleben

Spirit and Sportsmanship: Tory Magelof

Special achievement: Alyssa Kessler

Waterfront award: Logan Fleissig

Fine arts award: Summer Pollach

Overall Humanitarian award: Logan Ferencz



Camper of the year: Gracie Grans

Athlete of the year: Hazel Kaufman

Spirit and Sportsmanship: Isabel Feldman

Special achievement: Katie Fox

Waterfront award: Skylar Mindich

Fine arts award: Kendall Bassett

Overall Humanitarian award: Isabella Mauskopf



Camper of the year: Sami Anes

Athlete of the year: Riley Chisarick

Spirit and Sportsmanship: Devin Ross

Special achievement: Alexa Wohlleben

Waterfront award: Elana Rosenblatt

Fine arts award: Brooke Manoff

Overall Humanitarian award: Meredith Haber



Camper of the year: Jordan Hoberman

Athlete of the year: Emily Stangel

Spirit and Sportsmanship: Vanessa Pliskow

Special achievement: Julia Hyman

Waterfront award: Sunnye Berman

Fine arts award: Lauren Fox

Overall Humanitarian award: Kelly Lopez Flores



Camper of the year: Emma Halper

Athlete of the year: Emma Schwarzwald

Spirit and Sportsmanship: Maya Schnier

Special achievement: Illana Saltzman

Waterfront award: Blake Goodman & Lexi Garelick

Fine arts award: Madelyn Mardel & Isabel Lagnado

Overall Humanitarian award: Britney Gramajo



Camper of the year: Jade Volper

Athlete of the year: Jamie Moss

Spirit and Sportsmanship: Drew Nathan

Special achievement: Arielle Rokshar

Waterfront award: Brooke Goldenberg

Fine arts award: Dani Kaniuk

Overall Humanitarian award: Ryan Shukat



Camper of the year: Carly Dinowitz

Athlete of the year: Zoe Farber

Spirit and Sportsmanship: Kendall Singer

Special achievement: Brynn Goodstadt

Waterfront award: Sydney Rothschild

Fine arts award: Emily Zaroff

Overall Humanitarian award: Skye Cohen



Camper of the year: Carly Dvorin

Athlete of the year: Baylee Delmonte

Spirit and Sportsmanship: Phoebe Siegal

Special achievement: Julia Grossunger

Waterfront award: Rachel Hornig

Fine arts award: Biz Herman

Overall Humanitarian award: Ava Judelson



Camper of the year: Chloe Findling

Athlete of the year: Nikki Eisen

Spirit and Sportsmanship: Amanda Cavaliero

Special achievement: Amanda Messing

Overall Humanitarian award: Melanie Solomon

Day 48

Prom Night!!

Today was a really nice though hot day at camp. Campers had the opportunity to relax but also to enjoy a few activities including some time in the pool. This morning, boys lower camp watched movies at the Paramount and in the Cubs Den while our girls did the same at the Playhouse. Both sides of camp also prepared for their trip back home.

This evening, we had our annual Prom Night, where all campers and counselors from lower to upper camp dressed up to enjoy to a fun dance party in the Canteen and finished their night with a delicious ice cream party. Before going to their prom later in the evening, our CIT boys and girls helped serve ice cream to the lower divisions at the Dining Hall.

Tomorrow we will continue to pack and spend some quality time together before having to head home on Saturday morning.



Day 47

Day 47

Today, after a very busy Color War week full of action, we finally got a chance to unwind a little. We started this morning with a well-deserved late wake up and indoor activities because of the rain. Later on, with the sun shining, campers were all around camp having fun, including the Junior boys who completed their League final with an exciting water basketball game.

For evening activities, the boys and girls middle camp hung out together as the Juniors played ultimate frisbee on the turf while the Inters enjoyed some bingo.  The lower camp girls enjoyed some ice-cream; at the same time, the Braves shot some hoops in the Palace. The Senior girls rounded out the evening by having a great time at Treetop with s’mores and games.

Camp Pontiac fire 075

Day 46 (Color War Day 05)

Color War Day 5 brought us another wonderful day of Color War activities! We are nearing the end of the most exciting time of the summer and the Pontiac spirit is everywhere.


Girls Apache Relay: Every female camper was set up and ready for the campus wide multi-event relay. Campus was cleared and the excitement was palpable. The Apache saw a great competition full of cheering and after a great event lasting over an hour, Red crossed the finish line first.

Boys Apache Relay: After the Red Empire took the Counselor Apache Relay following the Girls Apache, roads and paths again were cleared and every found their event stations around camp. The race started very tight and neither team allowed the other one take the lead for too long. But after an incredible back-and-forth performance, the Red Empire took the lead for good late in the race and ended victorious.

Later today, we had the Girls Boating Regatta; campers had a fun time competing side by side kayaking across the lake.

Tonight, after five days and one of the greatest and most intense Color Wars we’ve had in years, Camp Pontiac came together in the Playhouse for Color War Sing and and plaque presentation. Red took the Alma Mater while White ended up winning the overall Sing competition with an exciting March. In the end, after the Red Empire closed the gap on the final day of competition, it was the White  Force who emerged victorious by the slimmest of margins!

Congratulations to both teams for their amazing performances!

CW (353)

CW (95)

Day 45 (Color War Day 04)

Day 45


Today saw an action-packed day Day 4, with around 60 Color War events taking place. This morning, while the Freshman Girls played tee ball, the Juniors and Subbies had their Swim Meet where every camper in those divisions gave everything they had to earn points for their team.

The boys took on one another in their Boating Regatta; campers had a fun time competing side by side kayaking across the lake.

In the afternoon, the Braves engaged in an extra innings baseball game at our new Pop’s park Baseball field, while the Sophs and Inters played flag football on Pontiac’s heaven fields. Across camp, at the same time, representatives from both Red and White closed in on locating the elusive hatchet. Ultimately, the Red Empire hatchet hunters team found their prize hidden underneath a flower bed by bunk 7 on girls side, concluding an exciting Hatchet Hunt.

At tonight’s line up, the Red Empire remains within striking distance: approximately 200 points separate the teams with the White Force continuing to lead…

For tonight’s evening activity, the entire camp attended to the Super/CIT Red and White Girls street hockey game. It is hard to believe that Color War concludes tomorrow night.