Day 39

Day 39

Supers and CITs returned safely from their California trip. Our family is complete again!

Today, all lower camp on girls side went to the beach and the 8th graders on Boys Side won their Soccer tournament.

Humanitarian Award Winners!!

Tonight the second Humanitarian Awards for 2016 were given out to campers that showed exemplary behavior to their fellow campers and towards the staff. Boys Side gathered in the Playhouse Theater while the girls held their ceremony at the campfire area on the island.

After the Humanitarian awards, special recognition was given to those campers who won. They were invited to Four Brothers to have a special dinner night.

Those receiving the award tonight from Boys’ Side were:


Noah Rabinowitz

Cole Zinman



Harris Cantley

Hudson Levin

Jake Kenyon



Jack Moss

Justin Fells

Logan Karnovsky



Mikey Sabesan

Ryan Greenberg



Jordan Mosberg

Josh Bosin

Shane Rich



Matthew Lefkowitz

Benjy Goldberg



Mason Fabricant

Jared Androsiglio



Charlie Fisher

Jared Bank



Zach Holzer

Jason Schwarzberg




Zoe Szerenscy

Whitney Etra



Dani Geller

Ruby Schnier



Allie Lefkowitz

Emerson Fisher



Danielle Barrow

Emily Smith



Ava Mandel

Ariel Dubler



Lexi Shouel

Beatriz Martinez



Jordyn Rosenblatt

Rachel Silverstein



Lizzy Herman



Nikki Spielman

Morgan Mittler


Day 38

Day 38

Today we had a wonderful day at Pontiac. This morning, campers were busy with many activities, such as Cooking with Karen, Legoland, Models, Gymnastics, Arts & Crafts among others.

In the evening, all of girls side enjoyed the annual Dance Recital in which all of lower camp participated. Boys Side had leagues and Junior girls had a lovely evening at Tree top!


All of us are very excited about color war. When is it going to be? What are the team names this year? What color am I going to be on?

It could be anytime soon! Stay tuned to find out and remember: expect the unexpected!


Day 37

Day 37

Today we had a little rain at camp during morning periods. Campers activities included Gymnastics, Models, A&C, Cooking with Carol, Tennis, Basketball, Martial Arts, Cook with Karen, Zumba, Spin, Bingo, Dodge-ball and many more…

For evening activities we had our annual Lower Camp Sing. Lower camp gathered in the Playhouse where our girls had the chance to show their creativity and singing skills. All of the groups have been practicing hard the past week and did a fantastic job entertaining the audience.

Lower Camp Sing winners: Freshmen and Inters.



Day 36

Day 36

Today was yet another great day at Pontiac. This morning, Girls side started with clinics and dance, followed by water park, cooking with Karen, lake activities, arts & crafts and different sports.

On Boys side, beside clinics and leagues, campers had a busy morning all around camp enjoying activities such as water park, swimming, and sports on our campus.

In the evening, we had some indoors activities due to a few hours of rain showers. On Girls Side we had sing rehearsal, while boys had movies and leagues.


Day 35

Day 35

Great day today at Pontiac!! Weather keeps reminding us all that “It’s summer time!” And here, at the land of red and white… we love it!

Day started with a scheduled busy morning. Boys side was full of sports and fun while Girls side was split up between Arts and Crafts, Swim Instruction, Tennis and Outdoor Adventure.

Later on in the day, Junior girls had a great time at the water park, while brave and freshman boys had a raging pool party!

Preview weekend started today, our preview campers had an amazing day, starting with a refreshing swim test conducted by our water front staff, spent some time at Outdoor Adventure, Arts and Crafts, and the turf field.

After all this fun, our preview kids ended their night on a high note over at tree top enjoying savory quesadillas and cheffin’ up some delicious s’mores.

Don’t forget to visit Bunk 1 and access a special daily photo folder made just for them!


Day 34

We are in Trip Week Day 3 and our campers in Cali are having a blast!

Camp activities today were:


Debs, Frosh & Soph: Bowling & 4 Brothers Pizza.

Inters: A&C, Dane Rehearsal, Water Park, Cooking with Karen, Sing Rehearsal & General Swim.

Juniors: Boat, Cooking with Karen, A&C, Water Park, Dance Rehearsal, Photo, Archery & Cooking with Carol.


Braves: Pool, Lower Camp Grumet, Movie & General swim.

Frosh: Archery, Lower Camp Grumet, A&C, Cook with Carol, Movie & General Swim.

Soph: Water Park, Lower Camp Grumet, Cook with Carol, Arcehry & General Swim.

Inters: Intercamp.

Juniors: Leagues, Pool, Water Park & General Swim.

For tonight’s activity, Junior and Inter girls gathered around the campfire at the Island Campsite, where they got to enjoy a great time between friends and of course, delicious s’mores!

On Boys Side, Lower Camp had leagues, as well as Water basketball for the Junior Boys.


Day 33

Day 33

We are still in trip week but the fun never stops at Camp Pontiac.

All day occurred as scheduled, everyone had a blast doing tons of different activities such as Outdoor adventures, water park, arts & crafts, models and Legos.

Evening on girls side lower camp was full of witches, ghosts and different kinds of cute friendly ghouls. Campers dressed up and enjoyed a fun and amazing Halloween night.

The Sophomore boys had a sleep over at T-top, they had quesadillas, s’mores and lots of fun!

CITs Cali’ Trip 

IMG_0361 (1)


Day 32

Day 32

Trip week!!

Today was yet another beautiful day at Camp Pontiac. The Debs, Frosh and Sophomore boys and girls were the only groups on camp.

They enjoyed a day full of outdoor adventure, water park, arts & crafts as well as various sports around the campus.

In the afternoon, Soph & Fresh boys took first place on a soccer tournament at Camp Kindering, Congratulations guys!

Braves and Freshmen went out on a “Mystery trip”, they had an amazing day bowling, eating pizza at Four Brothers and watching “Secret life of pets” the movie.

For the night Activity, everyone enjoyed snacks and Ice cream at Canteen.

Nightt 001

Day 31

Day 31

Fun never stops at Camp Pontiac!!!

Today was another day of regular scheduled activities for our campers.

We enjoyed a day full of outdoor activities, along with the Freshman and Subbie boys Wimbledon Singles as well as the 7th Grade Basketball tournament in which Pontiac girls took first place.

The winner for Freshman boys were:

1st Place: Zachary Goldstein

2nd place: Sam Ismailer

3rd places: Miles Nevins &Jake Kenyon

Subbie boys winners:

1st place: Jake Tucker

2nd place: Michael Maldonado

3rd place: Jamie Black & Mathew Mindich

Congratulations to all the participants

During the afternoon we had a little rain and campers had indoor activities for one period, after that, everything went as scheduled.

For evening activity boys had a leagues, and girls had edible art made out of candy at the dining hall.

Night 001

Day 30

Trip Week

Today was the beginning of trip week, after visiting day activities, we are now back on a regular scheduled program, except for Supers and CIT’s who left early this morning to their California trip.

For the Afternoon we had a really sunny day, all campers enjoyed every activity around our facilities, involving sports, cooking with Karen, and diverse water front activities, including trips to water ski and banana boating.

For evening activity our campers gathered into the Playhouse to enjoy “Toys Pieces” lower camp did a fantastic job entertaining the audience tonight.