Day 34

Today’s Activities.

We are in Trip Week Day 4 and our campers in Cali are having a blast!

Camp activities today were:


Debs: Tennis, Gymn Dance, MA, Sing Practice, General Swim

Fresh: Kickball, Newcomb, A&C, OA, Sing Practice, General swim

Soph: Water-Park, Kickball, Newcomb, Big Top, General Swim

Inter: A&C, OA, Tennis, General Swim

Junior: Beach


Braves: Leagues, Tennis, Swim, Movie, General swim

Fresh: Leagues, Lax, FB, Water-Park, Movie, General Swim

Soph: Leagues, Boat Swim, LAX FB, Movie, General Swim

Inter: FB, BB, Water-Park, Leagues, Canteen, General Swim

Junior: Beach

For evening activity our campers gathered into the Playhouse to enjoy “Cinderella, the Show” they did a fantastic job entertaining the audience tonight.


As a reminder, we are holding our annual Alumni Day at camp on Saturday, August 8th, from 10:30 AM to 9:00 PM. Alumni who are of college age and older are invited to attend. We are looking forward to seeing you and have you catch up with old friends and re-live camp memories. You will have an opportunity to watch color war activities, use the zip line as well as enjoy the water park. A BBQ lunch will be served as well as a dinner in the canteen. Day will conclude at 9:00 PM.

Day 33

We are still in trip week but the fun never stops at Camp Pontiac.

This morning, we had the “Debs Wimbledon Championships 2015” where the Debs had the chance to show and practice the skills they’ve been learning all summer, while the Braves and the rest of boys lower camp had the chance to exhibit their skills during the “Grumet Soccer Tournament”.

Int Day 2 By Mike 031

For the afternoon, the Braves and Freshmen boys when out on a “Mystery Day” where they got to enjoy an amazing afternoon full of special activities, including bowling, a movie and Four Brothers Pizza off camp.

Int Day 2 By Mike 129

On Girls side, all of lower camp was full of witches, ghosts and different kinds of cute friendly ghouls. Campers dressed up and enjoyed a fun and amazing Halloween night.


Braves and freshman boys had a wonderful “mystery day” trip out of camp. The afternoon started with bowling and was followed by a movie in town “Minions”.4B's017

All the boys really enjoyed this two great activities, especially being out of the heat all afternoon. The trip ended with a fun dinner at 4b’s and arriving back to camp to shower, have canteen and a well needed rest and sleep in their air-conditioned bunks and prepare for a great day tomorrow. -Rick

Day 32

Trip Week

Today was yet another beautiful day at Camp Pontiac.  The Debs, Braves and Freshman boys and girls were the only groups on camp.

They enjoyed a day full of outdoor adventure, Water Park, Arts & Crafts and various sports.

We wrapped up the day with pool parties on each side of Camp!





“What a beautiful day for the Soph boys at Six Flags in Massachusetts. The rides, arcades and shooting venues kept the boys quite busy all day. Our arcade games soccer and basketball sharp shooters netted a half bus full of arcade prize stuffed animals!


We arrived back to camp by 6:30 in time for an Italian dinner of salad, stuffed shells, baked ziti and garlic bread, followed by shower hour. After cooling off, the boys brought their sleeping bags down to the soft comfortable and air conditioned Cub’s den for a movie and a good night’s sleep. All had a wonderful day.” -Ricky

Day 30

Trip Week

Today was the beginning of trip week, after visiting day activities we are now back on a regular scheduled program, except for Supers and CIT’s who left early this morning to their California trip, later in the afternoon we received a message from Wally letting us know that they have arrived safe and they are already having fun.

We congratulate our Outdoor Adventure team, who came back victorious from the Mac kee nac friendly climbing meet.

For evening activity, we had our traditional Disco night, where splitted by divisions and starting with lower camp, campers got to enjoy a fun dancing party at canteen, along with an amazing ice-cream party in the dining hall.



Visiting day!!

We thank you all for an amazing visiting day on this 2015 we hope that everyone had a safe trip home and that you had as much fun as it was for us having you here experiencing camp with your kids.

All of our campers and staff were extremely excited to see you. Every kid was so happy to spend all day with their families and friends. We had a really beautiful sunny day with perfect temperature that allowed everyone to enjoy every activity at Camp, specially Water Park and pools, which  beside the zip line, outdoor adventure and plenty of other sport activities, were the favorite spots of the day.

After Visiting Day activities, entire camp got into a water-fight, we all had a blast and loads of fun, ending with an amazing slip N slide set up, where like every year, kids got to slide multiple times.



Day 28

Early this morning, some campers and staff participated in the Pontiac 5K Race as part of our Cross Country program.

Congratulations to the top ten and the rest of competitors who got involved.


Today was the opening of our new mayor league baseball field “Pontiac Polo Grounds” It’s a complete ball park with mayor league dimensions on the base paths and pitchy mound. Central field measurements are 302 feet with the left and right field lines in the mid two hundreds. This will enable all our campers to have an authentic baseball experience at Pontiac.

A shot out to Taylor Herman who hit the first ever Pontiac home run at our “Polo Grounds”.

Tonight the entire camp gathered into the Playhouse to watch middle and upper camp annual “Sing” performances. all of the groups have been practicing hard the past week and did a fantastic job of entertaining the audience tonight.

The 2015 Sing winners were:

Subbies & Supers


OMG OMG OMG! Visiting day is tomorrow! Can you believe it? We are looking forward to see you guys tomorrow and have an amazing day! Please drive safe and remember no to bring any food containing nuts and to be ready for a fun day with your kids!

Day 27

Day 27 already! Wow! When did that happen?

Today was yet another gorgeous and very busy day full of traditions at Pontiac.

In the morning all of Girls Side had its weekly Tribal wars, where all campers and counselors wear blue, green, yellow and orange regarding each team they represent.  Some of the boys, meanwhile, had an action-packed tennis tournament – the Middle Camp Davis Cup – where Great Britain took the winning trophy.

In the afternoon, all of Boys Side wore the color of each college they represent for their weekly “College Game-Day” events.  At the same time, some campers on Girls Side played the “FED Tennis Cup” in which Turkey ended victorious.


For the evening activities:


Girls Spirit Campfire, all girls’ side reunited at the new camp fire site at the island.

Winners: Debs and seniors

Inter girls: Treetop

Srs: 4B’s and movies

Boy’s leagues

All lower camp boy side, enjoyed  an amazing evening having s’mores and listening to campfire songs at the new Boys side camp fire.

camp pontiac camp fire026 college183 camp pontiac camp fire052 camp pontiac camp fire071 Tribal 082

Day 26

Things are going great at camp. Today was a fulfilled day of activities on a regular scheduled program.

We hosted today the “Mini Horowitz” Basketball tournament, in which our campers were runners up last minute on the finals. We congratulate all our visitors who played well and showed excellent sportsmanship.

Our 7th grade Basketball team took the winning trophy home after an excellent performance at the Camp Winadu tournament.


For the Girls evening activities:

Debs: Scavenger hunt.

Soph’s: Movie at Paramonut

Frosh: Cooking / Playland

Inters: Jacks Tournament

Juniors: DodgeBall


For Boyside on evening activities:

Braves: Movie

Freshman:  American Dodgeball

Inters: Treetop