Day 49

Today was a very emotional day at camp as all of our campers are getting ready to go back home. This morning, we had all our annual awards; girls side gathered at the new campfire site on the Island while the boys reunited at the Pond for the ceremony.

This evening, we all gathered at the Playhouse where the “Mr / Ms” awards and Camper and Counselor of the Year awards were announced in front of the entire camp. We enjoyed our final video montage and the CITs had the opportunity to share what camp really means to them after all this amazing years and present their own CIT video montage.

After a singing an amazing final group Alma Mater as on camp, we all headed down by the Island to see our traditional “2015” numbers, symbolizing another year at camp that has gone by, and say goodbye together as a family on our last night at Pontiac.

The awards were as follow:


All-around camper: Harris Cantley

All-around Athlete: Zach Taerstein

Spirit & Sportsmanship: Gavin Zislis

Fine Arts: Logan Cohen

Waterfront: Jacob Wasserman

Special Achievement: Jake Habib

Character & Integrity: Dylan Kurtis



Nicholas Bafer

All-around Athlete:Daniel Di Santi

Spirit & Sportsmanship: Spencer Abate

Fine Arts: Jacob Nolan

Waterfront Jack Mogelof

Special Achievement:Isaac Like

Character & Integrity:Jason Shwartz



Jacob Schnier

Henry Hurvitz

Justin Fells

Max Rauch

Mason Goodstadt

Nicholas Bafer

Zachary Cohen

Jake Heymach




All-around camper: Kenneth Lieberman

All-around Athlete: Maxwell Smith

Character & Integrity:: Noah Goldberg

Spirit & Sportsmanship: Blake Stein

Fine Arts: Ben Chapman

Waterfront Jackson Fields

Special Achievement: Spencer Smith



Ben Bloom

Mickey Sabesan

Spencer Smith

Gabe Fenencz

Alex Siegel

Gavin Wisotsky

Jordan Badler

Joey Rice




All-around camper:Zach Schutzer

All-around Athlete: Cole Nevins

Spirit & Sportsmanship: Ian Brecker

Fine Arts: Zac Saunders

Waterfront: Zac Schiffman

Special Achievement: Ethan Feldman

Character & Integrity: Sam Harmelin


Nick Minshall

Jordan Alford

Max Cantley

Sam Deutsch

Josh Chostaka

Max Berk

Aaron Alcott

Sam Harmelin

Justin Bolton

Zach Schutzer

Dean Dauplaise



All-around camper: Jared Broxmeyer

All-around Athlete: Benjy Goldberg

Spirit & Sportsmanship: Gavin Ostrow

Fine Arts: Mateo Torres

Waterfront: Jeremy Trattler

Special Achievement: Jake Tucker

Character & Integrity: Brandon Cohen



Camper of the Year: Jack Krupp

All-around Athlete: Miller

Spirit & Sportsmanship: Brett Schutzman

Fine Arts: Dylan Luxenberg

Waterfront: Ike Grapin

Special Achievement: Harrison Brown

Humanitarian: Tyler Slade



All-around Athlete: Max Hornig

Fine Arts: Ariel Arabian

Waterfront:  DJ Gaffney

Special Achievement: Zach Salm

Character & Integrity: Dylan Nelson

Humanitarian: Luke Herman



Max Hornig

Andrew Friedman

Charlie Fisher

Bryce Gelman

Tyler Dvorin

Jared Bank

Zach Salm

Dylan Srebnick



Camper of the Year: Matt Trencheny

Fine Arts: Jake Busch

Waterfront: Jack Nathan

Special Achievement: Jake Fogelman

Humanitarian:  Brett Silber

Spirit and Sportsmanship: Jake Rabinowitz



Comedian : Jared Copito

All-around Athlete: Josh Weiss

Spirit & Sportsmanship: Adam Jaffe

Waterfront: Carter Lynch

Special Achievement:  Justin Lieblein

Camper of the year: Justin Levine

Humanitarian: David Steinberger


Middle Camp Grumet

Justin Bolton

Justin Naylor

Justin Feldman

Zach Schetzer

Mikey Rice

Nick Grieco

Matt Mindich

Jake Navarro

Jordan Miller


Upper Camp Grumet

Wyatt Singer

Griffin Alcott

Zack Mersand

Mickey Goldberg

Dylan Krauss

Sean Fishbein

Josh Yoskowitz

Matt Lambert

Jonah Schwam

Brandon Gordon

Tyler Weinstein




Camper of the Year:  julia Kroin

All-around Athlete: Sadie Like

Spirit & Sportsmanship:  Jaffe

Fine Arts:  Addy Rappaport

Waterfront: Isabella Mauskopf

Special Achievement: Skylar Mindich

Character & Integrity: Harli Rappaport



Camper of the Year Meri Haber

All-around Athlete:  Allie Lefkowitz

Spirit & Sportsmanship:  Rachel Oxenhom

Fine Arts:  Elana Rosenblatt

Waterfront:  Jada Solomon

Special Achievement:  Lara Bongino

Character & Integrity: Booke Manoff




Camper of the Year: Alissa Raab

All-around Athlete: Alexa Hoberman

Spirit & Sportsmanship:  Julia hyman

Fine Arts:  Vanessa Pliskow

Waterfront:  Danielle Barrow

Special Achievement:  Skylar Nevins

Character & Integrity: Jordan Hoberman



All-around Athlete:  Emma Starr

Spirit & Sportsmanship:  Jade Capell

Fine Arts: Julia Garelick

Waterfront:  Nikki Geller

Special Achievement:  Abigail Zaroff

Character & Integrity:

Lexxi Garelick

Isabel Lagnado




Camper of the Year: Jenna Pasetsky

All-around Athlete:  Becca Beal

Spirit & Sportsmanship:  Drew Nathan

Fine Arts:  Marisa Benjamin

Waterfront:  Cameron Honig

Special Achievement:  Lexi Shouel

Character & Integrity: Ryan Shukat




Camper of the Year: Cali Gaer

All-around Athlete: Bella Disanti

Spirit & Sportsmanship:  Marlee Futter

Fine Arts:  Emily Gothelf

Waterfront: Hayden Fishbein

Special Achievement:   Elizabeth Walters

Character & Integrity: Carly Dinowitz




Camper of the Year

All-around Athlete:  Sydni Berkenfeld

Spirit & Sportsmanship:  Blake Burlakoff

Fine Arts:  Baylee Delmonte


Special Achievement:  Hailey Fener

Character & Integrity:  Sam Etess




Camper of the Year: Nikki Spielman

All-around Athlete:  Sophia Febbo

Spirit & Sportsmanship:  Nikki Schreiber

Fine Arts:  Andie Horowitz

Waterfront:  Morgan Fishbein

Special Achievement:  Alix Mindich

Character & Integrity: Julia Doppelt



Camper of the Year:Stephanie Buchheim

All-around Athlete:  Jolie Katz

Spirit & Sportsmanship:  Rachel Halpern

Fine Arts: Carly Adelsberg

Waterfront: Lindsay Silverman

Special Achievement:  Remi Assael

Character & Integrity: Jessica Geller


Day 48

Today was a really nice day at camp, good weather and great attitude!

Campers had the opportunity to relax but also to enjoy their daily activities. This morning, boys lower camp watched movies at the Paramount and in the Cubs Den while our girls were having some fun at the Water Park. Both sides of camp also prepared for their trip back home.

This afternoon we had the Braves Mini Wimbledon Championships, in which our youngest division at camp had good fun playing tennis.

This evening, we had our annual Prom Night, where all campers and counselors from lower to upper camp dressed up nicely to attend to a fun dance night along with a delicious ice cream Party attended by our CIT’s, boys and girls helping the lower divisions at the Dining Hall.

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b (44)


Day 47

Today, after a very busy week full of action, sports, emotions and a lot of passion, we finally got a chance to unwind and enjoy a day of regular scheduling.

We started this morning with a well-deserved late wake up and a fun morning schedule that included Movies, Water Park, Boating, Basketball, Gymnastics, Pool, Dodgeball, Capture the Flag games, and Dance.

For evening activities:

All lower camp on Boys side enjoyed a great time at the new Boys side Campfire site by the lake eating s’mores and singing songs along an amazing performance by Jay Braiman. Inter boys had their own Campfire night at Treetop Village.

On Girls side, campers enjoyed live music, s’mores and a lot of reminiscing with their Pontiac family at the new Campfire on the Island.


Day 46

Color War Day 5!

Today was a very special day for Camp Pontiac. This morning, we started on boys side with the Color War Lower Camp Swim Meet where every camper in the lower divisions gave everything they had to earn points for his team.

Later today, we had the Girls and Boys Boating Regatta; campers had a fun time competing side by side kayaking across the lake.

In the afternoon, the Braves engaged in a competitive baseball game at our new Polo Grounds, while Middle camp had an amazing Lacrosse game on heaven fields. Nearby, at the same time, representatives from both Red and White closed in on locating the elusive hatchet. Ultimately, the Red Buccaneers hatchet hunters team, after a fourth day of a tough clues, finally found their prize hidden in the woods by the field, concluding an exciting Hatchet Hunt.



Tonight, after five days and one of the greatest and most intense Color Wars we’ve had in years, Camp Pontiac came together in the Playhouse for Color War Sing. Red took the Alma Mater while White ended up winning the overall Sing competition with an epic March. In the end, after four days of the White Armada leading the Red Buccaneers, it was Red who emerged victorious by the slimmest of margins!

Congratulations to both teams for an amazing performance!



Day 45

Color War Day 4

Another wonderful day of Color War activities at camp. We are nearing the end of it and the Pontiac spirit overwhelms with red and white passion at every moment.

White Armada and Red Buccaneers are working so hard to become the winners of this 2015 Color War! In every game, every camper, every counselor and every general is giving everything they have to move the score in their favor.

The major events today included:

Girls Apache Relay: Every female camper was set up and ready for the almost 200 event relay. Campus was cleared and the excitement was palpable. The Apache saw a great competition full of cheering and after a great event lasting over an hour, Red crossed the finish line only 10 seconds ahead of White.

Boys Apache Relay:  An hour and a half after the girls completed their race, every road again was cleared and every male camper had a specific event to win. All stations were set up all around camp. The race started very tight and neither team allowed the other one take the lead for too long. After an incredible back-and-forth performance by both teams, the White Armada Took the lead for good late in the race and ended victorious.

At tonight’s line up scores are very tight: fewer than 30 points out of almost 7,500 total points awarded separate the teams with White Armada in the lead for the moment…

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Day 44

Color War Day 3!!
We are on the peak of Color War and at the half of it, competition is very even, which fulfills every camper, staff and general with spirit and passion.

Today we witnessed an amazing day, this morning some of the competitions were:

For Girls Side, Swim meet, T-Ball, BBK, Track Meet, Sing Rehearsal, Soccer, Newcomb, Water Basketball, Street Hockey, Kickball, Volleyball and Climbing Competition.

For Boys Side, Football, Tennis, Newcomb, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Street Hockey, Volleyball, BBK, Sing Rehearsal, Dodgeball, Swim Meet and the always great Climbing Competition.

For this Evening Lineup, Camper generals where named, We had a very special guest to do the pouring over both female generals, from the Red Sensational Sixties Lindsey Etra, score is SO CLOSE! And by only ONE point difference milk was poured over the red team.






On the evening events we had the traditional Rope Burn, after a very dramatic contest and one of the most intense events this Color war, the Red Buccaneers team won by a difference of only two minutes

RopeBurn 315

Day 43

Color War Day 2

Today was yet another amazing Color War day at Pontiac. This morning after the respective team meetings, we started with a busy morning for all campers: on Boys side, we had a great game on our new major league baseball field “Pontiac Polo Grounds” as well as soccer, hockey,basketball, newcomb, football and the Senior/Supers/CITs Swim Meet.

On Girls side, we started the day with an amazing Lower camp Track Meet on our turf field, volleyball, basketball, and tennis.

After lunch, we held the Girls Marathon all around camp.

Today, we had our Annual Alumni Day, where campers, staff and Pontiac family members from different years assisted at the event, bringing back good memories and refreshing that “something about old Pontiac”. Thanks to everyone who came and enjoyed this great day with us.

Our alumni had the chance to enjoy diverse Color War activities, including our traditional Supers/CITs Red and White Basketball game.

CWD2Evening line up 177

CWD2Evening 074

Day 42

Day 42

Color War Day 1!!

Today was the first full day of Color War activities at Pontiac. Red and White were the protagonists of the day.

Competitions where exiting and full of passion at every moment in every game, as the support and sportsmanship of each teammate.

On Boys side, after an early wake up we had our first morning line up and the official ceremony of the beginning of Color War, in which the four generals take the Color war hatchet.

For boys side, the events today included:

Kickball, Football, Dodgeball, Volleyball, Hockey, Tennis, Soccer, Track meet, Basketball, Baseball and Hockey.

For Girls side the events included:

Kickball, Line soccer, BBK, Water basketball, Soccer, Street hockey, Newcomb,  Volleyball and Tennis.

After a great day of activities we all gathered for the evening Lineup, stars of the day where announced, as the team members for the Female super CIT basketball and hokey games. After a few announcements,  a lieutenant for each team represented their colors on the traditional Color War pouring, on which Maddie Bogart, Color war general for the White Illusion 2014, honored the ceremony by pouring either milk or red juice to whoever team is second in the lead until that moment.

After a silent dinner, we had our traditional pie eating contest, always a fun competition.

For the evening activities we had:

Suppers/CIT Girls Street Hockey and select Football

Staff Games:  Soccer and volleyball.

LineUp NightAct 044

LineUp NightAct 043

Day 41

COLOR WAR!!!!!!!!!

Today was one of the funniest and busiest days at Camp Pontiac.

This morning we started on Girls Side with a “Gitchy Gummie” All Female campers had an amazing relay competition around camp.

On boys side we had the “College Game Day” finals, after weeks of great sport competitions, sportsmanship, cheering and a lot of passion, we congratulate the Maryland team, who ended up taking the first place trophy.

After a great day of fun, sportsmanship and a tasty dinner, CIT’s had their traditional Color War fake out who unknowingly gathered all campers at the new camp fire site on the island for the actual break out.

White Armada and Red Buccaneers sailed ships across our lake and towards our campers, who waited with expectations to find out what the team names and generals were. Once the boats docked generals threw out the Color War Pamphlets to the excited crowd.

White Armada

Joe Choppi

Lindsay Pelinger

Camper Generals:

Cooper Siegel

Marlie Androsiglio

Red Buccaneers


Tanner Moss

Sam Pelinger

Camper Generals:

Jagger Kushner

Ally Hendler


break out 252

break out 108

z (321)


Day 40

Today was a GREAT day at Pontiac!!

There was a regular morning of activities for our middle and upper camp. The lower camp had inter-camps, home and away with Timberlake. In the back of everyone’s minds, though, is the exciting prospect of Color War………Coming soon!!

An evening of entertainment started with the fantastic “Charlie Brown” play put on by our lower camp in the Playhouse. Middle camp enjoyed an exciting Grumet soccer tournament championship with a late goal finalizing the 5-4 score.  The evening concluded with the lower camp boys having fun at the Island with a campfire and S’mores.

morning  around  050

morning  around  037

Camp Pontiac camp fire  001