Day 6

Day 6

Today was another great day at Pontiac! We were victorious in both our tournaments for the boys 10th grade soccer at Greylock and 14 years and under for basketball at Wahnee. Our 6th grade girls had a wonderful day at Danbee as they won their soccer tournament. Congratulations to all our teams!

After a busy day giving everything on the field, boys side played leagues for evening activity. On girls side we had karaoke, jacks tournament, mini golf and movies at the Paramount.

Day 5

Day 5

Fun never ends at Camp Pontiac!!!

Today we had our traditional Pontiac Girls Invitational Tennis Tournament, we were victorious in the 6th, 8th & under and 10th grade & under, singles-doubles. Congrats to all players!!!

For the evening activities: mini golf, capture the flag, and wacky relays. While some were running and jumping, some others were relaxing watching a movie in the Paramount.

Day 4

Day 4

A sunny morning was great to start the day: the lake, beach and pools were a fabulous choice to cool off.

The sky got a bit cloudy, but a little rain can’t keep Camp Pontiac down! We enjoyed a full afternoon of activities playing Basketball, hockey and Volleyball.

We built models, crafted ceramics and tons of figures were created in Lego Land!!!

For the night activity our Sophmore girls had an amazing time at the island by a camp fire, while the Soph boys were the fist ones this summer to enjoy a night at Tree-top.

Day 3

Day 3

Today was an amazing day with a great morning, all campers enjoyed a busy day of activities.

After everyone took their swimming test they were ready to enjoy the water activities we have in our daily schedule.

The Frosh boys had fun at the campfire with Ricky and their counselors after eating delicious s’moooores.

Today the little girls met their “big sisters” and everyone was thrilled with their new bbfs then they made their yummy projects and gathered around the campfire where they sang camps songs and got to know each other during another magical evening.

Day 2

Day 2!!

Today was a great day at camp!! Everyone had a busy first full day of activities, including their annual swim test that was conducted by our water front staff at their respective lakes.

The afternoon was amazing! The sun was out after a little rain during lunch, and all of our campers got the chance to enjoy different outdoor sports and a very tasty Sunday Barbecue as the tradition says.

Lower camp was very excited to have the first general swim in the pool… Woop woop!

To finish off the night we gathered together at the Playhouse to watch the new staff video!

We had an amazing show of spirit from old and new Pontiac family members after chanting our Alma matter.  Everyone is so excited to get 2017 started!!

Don’t forget to log into Bunk 1 and Camp Connect for photos and more and also check our staff video 2017 that is finally here! You can also watch it by clicking here: STAFF VIDEO

Day 1

Arrival Day!

After spending so many months waiting for the best day of the year, all of our campers arrived safely and jumped straight into a fun-filled day of cheering and hugging as the campers ran from the buses to meet and greet so many new and returning faces!

After a beautiful sunny day of reconnecting with old friends and making new ones, the campers enjoyed an awesome ice-cream party in the dining hall where we reunited as a happy family in our home away from home.


Don’t forget to log into Bunk 1 and Camp Connect for photos