Day 48

Day 48

Can’t believe we are winding down to our last days at Camp Pontiac. Where did the summer go? Even though we began to pack and clean up, that did not stop us from enjoying some time boating, hanging by the pool, playing assassin, dodgeball, tennis, and a little slip n slide.

Tonight, was our annual Prom. The campers had a great time dancing and eating ice cream sundaes. What a great way to end an amazing summer!

Day 47

Day 47

Today, we started the morning with a well-deserved late wake up. After breakfast, we participated in outside activities, art and crafts, wood shop, and models.  The Frosh boys and Soph girls competed  in the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament.

Tonight, we had many campfires around camp for all to enjoy s’mores.

Day 46 (Color War Day 5)

Day 46

Color War is over and we have a winner! Red Sheriffs won! It was an incredible five days thanks to Michael Bongino and the Casbah crew. It was certainly a close competition. Before the day’s events began, white was up by 45 points. Today, the girl’s red team swept Apache as well as the Counselor Apache. But the boy’s White Chiefs came back to win Apache. As the night began, both sides brought so much spirit into the Playhouse. Red Sheriffs won march, while the White Chiefs won Alma.

Day 44 (Color War Day 3)

Day 44

Today was a beautiful day at Camp Pontiac.  All the fields and courts were filled with red and white. Today’s events included swim meets, track meets, soccer, kickball, BBK, volleyball, baseball, and hockey. After today’s events, the White Chiefs pulled ahead by less than 40 points. Tonight, we all gathered together on girl’s side to watch the rope burn. In less than 30 minutes, the Red Sheriff’s rope broke. Five minutes later, the White Chief’s rope followed. Stayed tuned for tomorrow’s results.

Day 42 (Color War Day 1)

Day 42

Today was the first full day of Color War activities. We had a full day of sports.  The red and white teams are looking for the hatchet and working on their plaques.

For this evening’s activity, we all gathered together at main hockey to watch the Super and CIT girls give their best in street hockey. After an amazing game, the white team won the game.

After today’s results, the Red Sheriffs are winning by small margin. Stay tuned for tomorrow results.

Day 41

Day 41

Color War is finally here!!! It broke this afternoon with the White Chiefs and Red Sheriffs. The competition began with tug of war. All campers participated as well as the officers and counselors. Here are the names of the generals.

White Chiefs:

Generals: Miles Patricof, Jackie Chertock

Camper Generals:  Luke Herman, Phoebe Siegel

Red Sheriffs:

Generals: Parker Siegel, Nicole Kaufman

Camper Generals: Jonathan Weiselberg, Elizabeth Herman

Stay tuned for more exciting news as color war continues tomorrow.

Day 40

Day 40

Today was a great day here at Camp Pontiac!

We had a regular scheduled day with lots of activities that led to the CIT fake out. This evening we completed the Craig Grumet Tournament. After all games were completed, we gathered together in the Playhouse to pay homage to one of the most beloved and Pontiac-loving campers this camp has ever seen to lead into the announcing of the winners.

The winners were has followed:

Lower Camp:

Joey Plotz

Logan Cohen

Jesse Brooks

Tyler Bosin

Jordan Lieberman

Sammy Etra

Jake Hurvits

Ryan Fischer

Jordan Gross

Gavin Bolton

Gavin Lehrman

Jordan Sanders


Middle Camp:

Cole Nevins

Sean Manoff

Chase Waldhauser

Henry Hurvitz

Shawn Naylor

Max Cantley

Sam Kroin

Zach Pierce

Eric Roth

Alex Brown

Jesse Cavilero

Michael Sabesan

Mazen Sadat


Upper Camp:

Jordan Zucker

Aman Fox

Dillon Miller

Jeremy Trattler

Ari Chananya

Dylan Luxemberg

Jack Krupp

Ryan Singer

Tyler Weinstein

Justin Schneider


Also, this evening all girl’s side gathered on the Island for their little sister-big sister reunion by the campfire with s’mores while Boy’s Side had a blast playing leagues.

Color war seems to be getting closer. The campers are anticipating a breakout any day now.

Day 39

Day 39 
This morning our Supers and CITs arrived back to camp safely from their incredible ten day trip of Southern California. Everyone was excited to see them but more importantly, everyone is waiting for color war break.
Tonight was our second Humanitarian Awards as well as our 5,7,and 9 year dinner. Congrats to all!



Debs:             Camryn Sanchez

Madelyn Appell

Frosh:            Addison Cioffi

Mia Hodor

Sophs:           Brooke Siegel

Devon Gellert

Inters:            Meri Haber

Allie Pearlman

Juniors:         Julia Fells

Lauren Fox

Subbies:        Hannah Cohen

Hayden Schneider

Lexi Garelick

Seniors:         Brooke Goldenberg

Supers:          Jordyn Rosenblatt

Jaden Mindich

CITs:               Jordyn Zeidman


Braves:          Gavin Bolton

Austin Weiss

Dylan Steuerman

Frosh:            Ethan Blumberg

Luke Casutto

Bradley Grundfast

Sophs:           Brian Pine

Harris Cantly

Inters:            Zach Hyman

Lucas Lihn

Juniors:         Noah Goldberg

Kenny Lieberman

Subbies:        Zack Spring

Eric Roth

Seniors:         Ben Gruber

Jordan Zucker

Supers:          Ryan Rabinowitz

Justin Kingsley

CIT’s:              Miles Capell

Dylan Srebnick

Day 38

Day 38

This morning campers were busy cooking with Karen, Legoland, models, archery, softball, arts & crafts. The Boys 6th, 8th, and 9th  participated in the Invitational Tennis Tournament. CONGRATULATIONS on a first place win!

This evening, we had our annual Lower Camp Talent Show. To end the night, all campers and staff happily sang our Alma Mater, “Always a friend!”

1,2,3,4… WE WANT COLOR WAR!!!

Everyone is getting excited for color war. The questions seem to be: When is it going to break?  What are the team names? What color am I going to be on?