Day 40

Day 40

Today was a great day here at Camp Pontiac!

We had a regular scheduled day with lots of activities that led to the CIT fake out. This evening we completed the Craig Grumet Tournament. After all games were completed, we gathered together in the Playhouse to pay homage to one of the most beloved and Pontiac-loving campers this camp has ever seen to lead into the announcing of the winners.

The winners were has followed:

Lower Camp:

Joey Plotz

Logan Cohen

Jesse Brooks

Tyler Bosin

Jordan Lieberman

Sammy Etra

Jake Hurvits

Ryan Fischer

Jordan Gross

Gavin Bolton

Gavin Lehrman

Jordan Sanders


Middle Camp:

Cole Nevins

Sean Manoff

Chase Waldhauser

Henry Hurvitz

Shawn Naylor

Max Cantley

Sam Kroin

Zach Pierce

Eric Roth

Alex Brown

Jesse Cavilero

Michael Sabesan

Mazen Sadat


Upper Camp:

Jordan Zucker

Aman Fox

Dillon Miller

Jeremy Trattler

Ari Chananya

Dylan Luxemberg

Jack Krupp

Ryan Singer

Tyler Weinstein

Justin Schneider


Also, this evening all girl’s side gathered on the Island for their little sister-big sister reunion by the campfire with s’mores while Boy’s Side had a blast playing leagues.

Color war seems to be getting closer. The campers are anticipating a breakout any day now.

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