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DAY 16

Hits 231

Today we had a great sunny day here at Camp Pontiac

It was a regular scheduled day with activities all around the camp, including, waterfront adventures, pools, cooking with Karen and a lot of sports.

For evening activity we had the Upper Camp Hits, the Seniors were victorious this time. Congratulation to all participants. As we were gathered in the Playhouse, the winners of the Respect and Inclusion Awards were announced.


Inclusion – Simon Worman
Respect – Reece Keusch

Freshmen Boys:

Inclusion – Ian Doneson
Respect – Gavin Wolfson

Sophomore Boys:
Inclusion – Ethan Blumberg
Respect – Matt Waxman
Inter boys:
Respect – Jordan Flieshman
Inclusion – Jake Popkin
Junior Boys:
Respect – Jayson Schiller
Inclusion – Jack Dvorin
Subbie Boys:
Inclusion – Ryan Greenberg
Respect – Maxwell and Spencer Smith.
Senior Boys:
Inclusion – Justin Bolton
Respect – Aaron Alcott
Super Boys
Inclusion- Dillon Miller
Respect- Brandon Cohen
Inclusion – Max Sigles
Respect – Sami Garelick
Inclusion – Molly Appell and Blake Zarkowsky
Respect – Bella Pass and Mia Martel
Soph Girls
Inclusion – Bella Mendelson
Respect – Chelsea Tanguay
Inter Girls
Inclusion – Addi Ackerman
Respect – Brook Siegel
Junior Girls
Inclusion  – Bella Lipman
Respect – London Simpson
Subbie Girls
Inclusion  – Lily Feldman
Respect – Bella O’Calaghan
Senior Girls
Inclusion – Halle Brigandi
Respect – Britney Gramajo
Super Girls
Inclusion – Cameron Honig
Respect – Lexie Shouel
CIT Girls
Inclusion – Blake Assael
Respect – Emily Zaroff