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Day 20

Night 065

Today’s Activities:

Today was yet another beautiful day at Camp Pontiac.

In the morning we had Day Three of Tribal Wars around Girls Side, where they competed in different sports such as soccer, softball, Pac-Man, capture the flag and much more.

In the afternoon, all of Boys Side gathered in front of the boys headquarters wearing their college shirts to begin their third College Game Day events this summer. Everyone had so much fun and was super active for each competition.

Today was also our annual boys Davis Tennis Cup Tournament in which the Great Britain team won the gold medal.


  • Jesse Polsky – Junior
  • Dan Horowitz – Junior
  • Jake Misiti – Junior
  • Maxwell Smith – Inter
  • Tyler Kurtis – Inter
  • Brandon Kenyon – Junior
  • Sean Ernst – Inter
  • Ryan Greenberg – Inter

Also this afternoon, the Tennis Center hosted the girls Tennis Fed Cup, where again the Great Britain team took the victory.


  • Jade Gelman – Junior
  • Ariel Dubler – Junior
  • Lindsay Bank – Junior
  • Leah Goldstein – Junior
  • Nicole Ofsie – Junior
  • Brooke Lieberman – Inter
  • Vanessa Pliskow – Inter

For tonight’s evening activity, the entire camp participated in a made-for-camp TV quiz show called Hollyrock Brain Challenge at the Play House where the boys and girls took on one another in various challenges and quiz rounds on stage.