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Day 21

Camp Fire Pontiac 101

Day 21

Beach Day!!

We had a sunny day today but it was very hot so we declared a “Beach Day” in the afternoon. All outdoor activities were canceled, except for the ones at the pools and the waterfronts.

Besides water sports, our campers enjoyed watching movies and playing games in camp’s air conditioned facilities.

At night, Girls Side enjoyed one of our favorite traditions: the Big Sister/Little Sister ice cream party! The girls hung out with their camp sisters, made bracelets with one another and enjoyed an amazing time at our ice-cream shoppe, creating a better bond between different divisions, making us an even more tight-knit Pontiac family.

Our boys competed in league play in different venues around camp and under the lights during later play.

The Braves spent their first-ever overnight at Treetop Village, enjoying quesadillas and s’mores by the campfire!