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Day 27

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Day 27 already! Wow! When did that happen?

Today was yet another gorgeous busy day full of traditions at Pontiac.

In the morning all of Girls Side had their weekly Tribal Wars. All female campers and counselors wore their colors, blue, green, yellow and orange.

Meanwhile Freshman and Braves had the Davis Cup, an action-packed tennis tournament. Turkey took the winning trophy.

Team Turkey Participants:

  • Zachary Goldstein – Frosh
  • Jordan Schiff – Frosh
  • Harry Honig – Frosh
  • Asher Worman – Frosh
  • Cooper Goldberg – Frosh
  • Logan Cohen – Frosh
  • Joseph Plotz – Frosh
  • Jared Cohen – Brave
  • Matthew Waxman – Brave
  • Daniel Schutzer – Frosh
  • Ryan Ross – Brave

In the afternoon, all of Boys Side participated in College Game Day and wore their team colors. The 4th and final event was the Marathon.

On Girls Side, this afternoon, we had our annual “FED Cup” Team USA ended victorious.

Team USA Participants:

  • Jacey Katz – Super
  • Julia Grossinger – Super
  • Alina Ongeyberg – Subbie
  • Jordyn Rosenblatt – Senior
  • Cameron Honig – Subbie
  • Marley Gans – Subbie
  • Sophie Flicker – Senior
  • Hailey Nevins – Subbie

Tonight’s evening activity was a really interesting Magic Show at the Play House, everyone were so impressed for the acts and different magic performances from some outside entertainers.