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Day 34

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We are in Trip Week Day 3 and our campers in Cali are having a blast!

Camp activities today were:


Debs, Frosh & Soph: Bowling & 4 Brothers Pizza.

Inters: A&C, Dane Rehearsal, Water Park, Cooking with Karen, Sing Rehearsal & General Swim.

Juniors: Boat, Cooking with Karen, A&C, Water Park, Dance Rehearsal, Photo, Archery & Cooking with Carol.


Braves: Pool, Lower Camp Grumet, Movie & General swim.

Frosh: Archery, Lower Camp Grumet, A&C, Cook with Carol, Movie & General Swim.

Soph: Water Park, Lower Camp Grumet, Cook with Carol, Arcehry & General Swim.

Inters: Intercamp.

Juniors: Leagues, Pool, Water Park & General Swim.

For tonight’s activity, Junior and Inter girls gathered around the campfire at the Island Campsite, where they got to enjoy a great time between friends and of course, delicious s’mores!

On Boys Side, Lower Camp had leagues, as well as Water basketball for the Junior Boys.