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Day 41

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COLOR WAR!!!!!!!!!

Today was one of the funniest and busiest days at Camp Pontiac.

This morning we started on Girls Side with a “Gitchy Gummie” All Female campers had an amazing relay competition around camp.

On boys side we had the “College Game Day” finals, after weeks of great sport competitions, sportsmanship, cheering and a lot of passion, we congratulate the Maryland team, who ended up taking the first place trophy.

After a great day of fun, sportsmanship and a tasty dinner, CIT’s had their traditional Color War fake out who unknowingly gathered all campers at the new camp fire site on the island for the actual break out.

White Armada and Red Buccaneers sailed ships across our lake and towards our campers, who waited with expectations to find out what the team names and generals were. Once the boats docked generals threw out the Color War Pamphlets to the excited crowd.

White Armada

Joe Choppi

Lindsay Pelinger

Camper Generals:

Cooper Siegel

Marlie Androsiglio

Red Buccaneers


Tanner Moss

Sam Pelinger

Camper Generals:

Jagger Kushner

Ally Hendler