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Day 42

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Day 42

Color War Day 1!!

Today was the first full day of Color War activities at Pontiac. Red and White were the protagonists of the day.

Competitions where exiting and full of passion at every moment in every game, as the support and sportsmanship of each teammate.

On Boys side, after an early wake up we had our first morning line up and the official ceremony of the beginning of Color War, in which the four generals take the Color war hatchet.

For boys side, the events today included:

Kickball, Football, Dodgeball, Volleyball, Hockey, Tennis, Soccer, Track meet, Basketball, Baseball and Hockey.

For Girls side the events included:

Kickball, Line soccer, BBK, Water basketball, Soccer, Street hockey, Newcomb,  Volleyball and Tennis.

After a great day of activities we all gathered for the evening Lineup, stars of the day where announced, as the team members for the Female super CIT basketball and hokey games. After a few announcements,  a lieutenant for each team represented their colors on the traditional Color War pouring, on which Maddie Bogart, Color war general for the White Illusion 2014, honored the ceremony by pouring either milk or red juice to whoever team is second in the lead until that moment.

After a silent dinner, we had our traditional pie eating contest, always a fun competition.

For the evening activities we had:

Suppers/CIT Girls Street Hockey and select Football

Staff Games:  Soccer and volleyball.