Two expansive Arts & Crafts halls

Our arts and crafts facilities are spacious enough to accommodate over one hundred campers. Fine arts include ceramics with our “greenware” and potter’s wheel. For mosaics, we have the equipment for glass making and more! To handle these delicate projects, campers are assisted by instructors and staff that specialize in these areas.


Two air condition cooking centers

Pontiac campers have multiple opportunities to practice the culinary arts in our updated cooking center. Campers can experiment in our five kitchens each with their own oven and cooktop. Pontiac provides plenty of pots, pans, utensils, microwaves, blenders, ice cream machines, and woks so that campers have the equipment they need to try all sorts of recipes! Aspiring culinary pro’s can join Karen in her own kitchen for a more intimate cooking environment.


Air conditioned dance studio

Pontiac dancers of all ages are welcome to enter our pavilion and practice their moves. Mirrored walls allow campers to keep an eye on their form and see themselves from all angles. Once they’ve mastered their routines, camper dancers perform on stage for the rest of camp at the Pontiac Playhouse and during our dance competition.


Dark room & digital photo studio

Our camper photographers will be thrilled to hear that Camp Pontiac has a great photography studio. Campers can take photos all around camp or in our studio. Once the photos are taken, campers can process and develop their photos in our dark room. Tech-savvy campers shouldn’t worry, we have a digital photo studio that can be used to manipulate and enlarge photos.

Pontiac Pines

The Pines serves as a great venue on beautiful days and nights for outdoor shows, dances, sings, group games and meeting area.


Theater, set design and 'green room

Pontiac Playhouse is the perfect backdrop (literally) for our theater and music program’s performances. Our stage, lighting, and sound system is all state-of-the-art allowing campers to experience a realistic performance whether they’re performing or behind-the-scenes. Pontiac playhouse also has a set design room to allow campers to get creative with props and costumes.


Our well-equipped woodshop is where campers become carpenters. Woodshop staff help campers use scroll saws, drill presses, routers, and sanders to bring their ideas to life. Puzzles, knock hockey boards, pet treat boxes, and bird houses are among some of the camper favorites to make. Once projects are sanded, campers can paint their creations to put on the finishing touches.