Theater, set design and 'green room'

Pont Rock Café is our 50’s style soda shop-complete with booth seating. Our Canteen has flat screen TVs for campers to enjoy karaoke, video, and cable. At Canteen, our campers can snack and drink as they socialize in a relaxing environment.


Kitchen and spacious dining rooms

The Pontiac dining room complex, accommodating the entire camp at once, contains separate sections for boys and girls. Our peanut- and nut-free food operation is overseen by a professional food service headed by an experienced dining room manager and executive chef/steward. We hire five additional chefs including our own three Pontiac chefs, with a total of thirty-five staff members working in our food service department.

Camp Pontiac understands that many children have special dietary needs, and so we have a “Special Food Service” staff member to make sure these needs are met. We have a separate food preparation and serving area for our gluten-sensitive and gluten-free campers that is led by a senior staff member well-versed in gluten-free diets. Our food is varied, unlimited, and excellent quality. A camper favorite is our homemade thin crust pizza baked in our Pontiac pizza ovens! Our campers receive a snack (usually fruit) each morning after breakfast, and another (usually ices) after lunch. Every evening, our campers are either in the Canteen or the ice cream parlor.

Campers enjoy eating:

  • nut-free meals and snacks always
  • gluten-free options
  • salad bars
  • grilled chicken
  • tuna salad
  • egg salad
  • cheeses
  • fruits
  • pizza
  • hamburgers
  • hot dogs
  • ribs
  • french fries
  • watermelon
  • brownies


Air Conditioned Soft serve ice cream parlor

As part of their Canteen, our campers can go to our Pontiac Ice Cream Parlor where they can enjoy soft serve ice cream, slushies, snacks, and drinks. While enjoying their sweets, campers can watch our flatscreen TVs and socialize. Later in the evening, the parlor transforms into a mini restaurant/snack bar for our older campers and staff. The Ice Cream Parlor is often used in conjunction with our Paramount Movie Theater or for special occasions.


280 Seat Movie Theater with A/C

Our 280-seat air-conditioned theater has movie theater style seats. Our full screen and surround sound system makes movies and game shows especially enjoyable. Pontiac’s movie theater provides an excellent venue for evening activities, or becomes a great spot to relocate during rainy or very hot days.


The Pines serves as a great venue on beautiful days and nights for outdoor shows, dances, sings, group games and meeting area.