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Day 12


Today was a busy and sunny day at Pontiac!

Campers enjoyed a full day of sports, leagues everywhere, swimming instruction for lower camp and a lot of fun.

Pontiac wins inter boys baseball tournament today beating Greylock, Lenox, & Wahnee before beating Crane Lake in the finals. Hunter Anes was named tournament MVP.

This evening, after a tasty barbecue dinner, girls side was wearing blue, yellow, green and orange, gathered in the new island campsite around the fire, where the tribal wars opening ceremony took place and the Big and Little Chiefs names where revealed.

2015 Tribal War Chiefs:

Big Chiefs:

  • Blue Iroquois: Hayley Pattison.
  • Green Apache: Faye Stephenson.
  • Yellow Seminoles: Shelby Elmore.
  • Orange Cherokee: Veronica Bowles.

Little Chiefs:

  • Sammy Srebnick.
  • Avery Marks.
  • Carly Adelsberg.
  • Lindsay Silverman.