Welcome to the family! Camp Pontiac’s idea of family is to create an inclusive and enriching atmosphere for our campers. We have a tight-knit community where kids can be kids in an environment that encourages growth and positivity. Camp Pontiac has a unique “co-ed hybrid” design where boys and girls live on separate sides of the property but cross paths daily in an age-appropriate manner. Combining the best of co-ed and brother/sister camps, we have created a program where campers feel comfortable doing activities with their own gender while coming together as a family for others. Farewell, awkward socials! Our campers know each other from day one, creating a safe communal space. This leads to lifelong bonds that are created in every camper’s unique experience through intentional programming. Our campers can feel secure while participating in activities they love and just as easily explore a whole new world of interests.

Just two hours away from New York City and Boston, Camp Pontiac has the Berkshires for a backyard! Our property maintains the highest safety standards with our state-of-the-art facilities and medical centers. We ensure a safe environment where our campers will be supported and free from physical harm. We recognize and appreciate that all children are individuals with different needs and we are confident that we can meet them through proper health, safety, and emotional care.


Campers are encouraged to grow with Camp Pontiac as they return summer after summer; in fact, we've designed our program with that specifically in mind! Our programming evolves with our campers and makes for a totally customized experience year after year. Programming purposefully changes as our campers get older. Starting in elementary school ("Lower Camp"), campers get to try it all and discover their passions. Once campers hit middle school ("Middle Camp"), they can hone their focus on the things they have grown to love at camp. This becomes even more concentrated when campers enter high school ("Upper Camp"). Older campers have privileges exclusive to their age group, like our annual 10 day Western U.S. mini-teen tour! The common denominator that all campers share is the happiness that comes from growing into an independent, respectful, and resourceful young adult.

In all activities, campers are required to disconnect from their electronic devices. Face-to-face communication allows campers to build friendships that last long after summer ends. Don’t worry, parents! Our communication with you is always a priority. We have invested in software that allows for daily check-ins with parents and technology that tracks camper’s activities to provide progress reports for parents. After the social isolation caused by Covid-19, we understand how crucial it is to reinforce interpersonal skills among our youth. Camp Pontiac allows children to focus on their current interests, discover new passions without judgment, and make their own decisions in a safely controlled environment.


Our staff is made up of over 200 in-bunk counselors plus 60 support staff, and also 75+ adult professionals who oversee all aspects of camp including healthcare, specialties, and emotional support. Our camp’s leadership starts at the top with the Etra family who have owned Camp Pontiac since 1995. Both owners are board-certified physicians and have been doctors for over 40 years. There are always three to four doctors on camp premises and two wellness centers located on the property. Our cutting-edge health and wellness program is a testament to years of experience in the field.

Backing Camp Pontiac's leadership team is our multi-layered senior staff made up of parents, coaches, physicians, teachers, guidance counselors, and more who fill our most vital summer camp roles including as camper Group Leaders and Program Heads. We know how to combine adventure and safety. All staff - counselors, support staff, and senior staff alike - undergo extensive background checks and a rigorous nine-day onsite pre-camper arrival orientation. Most of our senior staff return to Camp Pontiac and are committed to the staff continuity that helps make our camper so successful. We take pride in our camper alumni who return to become counselors themselves, enabling the Camp Pontiac experience to come full circle.