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DAY 17

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Day 17

It was a beautiful day at Camp Pontiac! Campers and counselors were enjoying the beautiful weather by swimming in the pools and lakes and playing on the waterpark. Others spent the day playing hockey, taking photographs around camp, making silk screens or pottery, or playing some lacrosse, basketball, hockey, or tennis. Many campers were also out of camp on basketball, tennis, baseball, and swim tournaments. Our co-ed swim team placed 2nd at Timber Lake, 5th grade boys’ basketball team came in 2ndat Mah-Kee-Nac, 10th grade girls’ basketball team placed 3rd at Scatico, 7th grade baseball team placed 2nd at Wahnee, and our co-ed tennis team placed 1st at Kindering.  We also held a gymnastics tournament here at Camp Pontiac. Our girls came in 1st place. Congrats to all those who played their hearts out today! Finally, our CITs went on a college tour of Yale University in New Haven, CT. They toured the campus, shopped at the bookstore, and ate lunch in New Haven. Finally, the campers spent part of the day learning everyday circus tricks from circus actors. Tonight, campers watched the circus act in the Playhouse.