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Day 17

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Day 17

Today during the morning periods we had our annual Gymnastic Competition. Pontiac was victorious in taking first place. Congratulations to our girls!!


In the afternoon, everyone enjoyed the sunshine after two days of rain showers. Girl campers gathered at lake soccer field for a Pep Rally, in which all kinds of cheer-leading skills were displayed by our cheerleading team! Near the conclusion of the pep rally our Pontiac girls soccer team was announced to the entire Girls Side!

On Boys Side, the Braves met by the campfire for their first “Tribal Council” ceremony. The little chief was called out to hold the Braves tribal hatchet. Native American competitions were held and everyone enjoyed s’mores around the campfire.

Stay tuned for the Tribal Council ceremony videos!

Evening activities:

Boys: Leagues

Braves: Camp fire

Debs: Hershey game

Frosh Girls: Treetop Village

Sophs: Mini golf / cooking

Inters/Juniors: Movie


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