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DAY 20

Jul13 night 111

Day 20:

Today our girls’ side took part in Tribals. Before the games began, the Tribal captains gathered their teams together to teach them cheers and chants. The girls either competed in the pool or relay races. Our Subbie and Senior boys went to the beach. Some relaxed on the beach while others played volleyball or catch. Our CIT boys spent the day doing community service hours at Camp Anne. It was a rewarding day for the boys who gave back their time doing good deeds for others. Our girls’ side continued to practice for Birthday Ball as well as going to gymnastics, dance, art, and basketball.

Tonight, our first Humanitarian awards were given out. Here are the winners:


Debs:                    Romy Gittlin

Bella Pass

Frosh:                   Chelsea Tanguay

Zoe Greenberg

Sophs:                   Samantha Katz

Addison Rappaport

Inters:                   Bella Lipman

Devin Ross

Juniors:                 Chloe Luxemberg

Kelly Lopez-Flores

Subbies:               Julia Zislis

Jade Capell

Sage Spiegelman

Seniors:                 Nikki Gaspin

Supers:                 Taylor Mercur

Annabelle Greenberg

CITs:                      Zoe Brostoff


Braves:                 Jordan Sanders

Luke Dickstein

Frosh:                   Sam Keusch

Alex Vafai

Marc Hyman

Sophs:                  Max Shukat

Dylan Freedberg

Inters:                   Ethan Sperling

Jacob Nolan

Jason Shwartz

Juniors:                 Ryan Greenberg

Mazen Sadat

Subbies:               Sam Harmelin

Jordan Mosberg

Seniors:                 Matthew Lefkowitz

Kyle Maybaum

Supers:                 Matthew Maitland

Ike Grapin

CIT’s:                     Jarod Bank

Zach Stone