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Day 23

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Sunday Funday found campers enjoying a perfect sunny day!! The lake and the pools were the favorite options throughout the day.

Today, as we do every Sunday (and Wednesday), campers and staff alike enjoyed a delicious barbeque dinner at the picnic area.

For evening activity Boys Side had leagues, while on Girls Side we had:

Birthday Ball:

The girls tonight competed in Birthday Ball, an annual Pontiac tradition, where the campus was divided into four teams representing each season of the year. Each team created a commemorative team plaque, prepared a cake and sang their hearts out.

The winners for this year were:

Plaque: Spring with Inside Out

Cake: Fall Festival

March and the overall: Summer Slam Dunk

At the end of the day, Inter Boys were at Treetop Village, having quesadillas and some s’mores by the campfire.