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Day 31

Afternoon 023

Day 31

Fun never stops at Camp Pontiac!!!

Today was another day of regular scheduled activities for our campers.

We enjoyed a day full of outdoor activities, along with the Freshman and Subbie boys Wimbledon Singles as well as the 7th Grade Basketball tournament in which Pontiac girls took first place.

The winner for Freshman boys were:

1st Place: Zachary Goldstein

2nd place: Sam Ismailer

3rd places: Miles Nevins &Jake Kenyon

Subbie boys winners:

1st place: Jake Tucker

2nd place: Michael Maldonado

3rd place: Jamie Black & Mathew Mindich

Congratulations to all the participants

During the afternoon we had a little rain and campers had indoor activities for one period, after that, everything went as scheduled.

For evening activity boys had a leagues, and girls had edible art made out of candy at the dining hall.