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Day 35

Debs camp Pontiac Camp Fire040

Great day today at Pontiac! Weather keeps reminding us all “Its summer time!” And here, in the land of red and white… We love it!

Day started with a busy morning schedule, Boys lower camp had leagues,  while Girls Side was segregated between Arts and Crafts Swim instruction, Tennis and Outdoor Adventure.

Later today on Boys Side we had the annual “Freshman Boys Wimbledon Championships 2015”

For evening activities:

Boys Side: leagues

Debs (and Preview Girls): Campfire at treetop

Frosh/Sophomore/Inter Girls: Sing Practice

Jr./Subbie Girls: Movies

Soph and Inters: Ice cream shop.

Preview weekend started today, kids had an amazing day and they are having great fun! Don’t forget to visit Bunk1 and access to a special daily photo folder made just for them!