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DAY 41

CW 068

Color War!!!!!!

Today was one of the funniest and most exciting days at Camp Pontiac!

The morning started on Girls Side with the “Gitchy Gummie”. All female campers had a great time doing a relay competition around camp! Congratulations to the Green team on winning the whole thing!

On boys side we had the College Game Day finals.

After a great fun day , we had the Color war break out and we were all so excited!

Red Jurassic and White Matrix are the names of the teams, and we wish all best for both teams!

White Matrix:

Generals: Daniel Ernst & Kassie Alvey

Camper Generals: Ben Udine & Kendall Singer

Red Jurassic:

Generals: Zach Leff & Veronica Bowers

Camper Generals: Ryan Rabinowitz & Brynn Goodstat