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Day 12

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Day 12

Today was another day of regular scheduled activities for the entire camp.

In the morning, our Debs, Freshman and Sophmore girls went to Zoom Flume, they had a great time!

Today, Camp Pontiac hosted a special guest, Tim Shifflet, golf professional at Glen Oaks Country Club in Long Island. He was here to give our campers personalized directions, going from basics to more complex instruction according to the camper’s skill level.

We are also hosting NY Empire Baseball specialists here at Pontiac, they will be instructing our campers on all the newest techniques to improve their baseball gaming during the next couple of days.

For evening activities Super boys went to Tree top to have some quesadillas and s’mores. Super girls had great fun at the Camp Island by the campfire also with some s’mores.

For our Freshman boys we had a very special evening.  For the first time in camp, we witnessed the beginning of a new tradition,  the “Tribal Council” ceremony. The little chief was called out to hold the now traditional hatchet and the tribal name for the Freshman boys was revealed “Odakota Tribe” meaning “Freshman Friendship”.