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Day 22


We had a great busy day full of special events…

In the morning starting with:

Sibling’s day:

Our campers enjoyed a whole day with their siblings they had loads of fun! Hung around camp facilities, took a bunch of photos and most important, they enjoyed themselves as a family.

Rookie Day:

Our rookies had an amazing day in Pontiac, while parents toured camp, “rookies” experienced a fun-filled day at Pontiac participating in activities with their age group. Rookies enjoyed a wide range of activities, including instruction in team and individual sports, swimming at the pool and enjoyed lake activities as well as traditional camp games, ending a perfect day with slush and Ice-cream in our Ice cream parlor. Rookie Day was a great way to experience camp life at Pontiac!

Birthday Ball:

Campers on girls’ side had the traditional Birthday Ball, where divided in four teams representing each season of the year, they sang their March and every team prepared a cake and the commemorative plaque of the team.

The winners for this year were:

Plaque: Fall with Toy-Story

Cake: Summer with Despicable me

March and the overall: Fall with Toy-Story

At the end of the day Braves were at Treetop, having quesadillas and some s’mores by the campfire.