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Day 43 (Color War Day 02)

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Color War Day 2

Today was yet another amazing Color War day at Pontiac.

This morning, after line up and the respective team meetings, activities started with a busy morning for all campers: on Boys Side, we had soccer, hockey, Basketball, Newcomb, Football as well as a Track Meet for the Juniors, Subbies, Senior, Supers and CITs.

On Girls side, we started the day with an amazing Lower camp Track Meet on our turf field, Volleyball, Basketball, Newcomb, T-Ball, BBK, Tennis and a Swim Meet for the Senior, Supers and CITs Girls as well as a Gymnastic Competition.

After lunch, we held the Girls Marathon all around camp.

Before a silent dinner all of our campers gathered on Girls Side for the evening Lineup, where all team members for the Male Supers/CITs Color War Basketball Game were announced.

Today, we also had our Annual Alumni Day, where campers, staff and Pontiac family members from different years assisted at the event as guests, bringing back good memories and refreshing that “something about old Pontiac”.

Thanks to everyone who came and enjoyed this great day with us.