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Briana is Back!

Counselor Briana

In the summer of 2004, I embarked on my camp journey that would shape me for years to come. The lessons I learned while at Camp Pontiac and the friendships I made remain pivotal in how my life has unfolded in the years since. As a camper from 2004 to 2011, I had so many adventures and these formative years became the foundation for my future. I transitioned from eager camper to enthusiastic counselor, guiding the next generation through the same experiences I had.

In 2014, I attended Syracuse University and began to really notice how much camp had prepared me for the future. My camp spirit turned into school spirit, visiting day turned into parents’ weekend, camp tournaments with friends from other camps turned into visiting friends at different schools. Camp and college are so alike, and it’s these similarities that have helped me thrive. Camp provided communal living experiences, fostered positive social interactions, and encouraged independence and responsibility. Both environments feature structured activities, like outdoor adventures and team sports at camps compared to academic classes and extracurriculars at college.

After college, I traded in my counselor hat for a hospital badge. My love for helping others extended into the challenging yet rewarding environment of healthcare. The skills I learned as a camp counselor—leadership, adaptability, and resilience—served me well as I mastered the challenges of the medical field, providing care and comfort to those in need.

The call of the campfire remained strong and, after years in healthcare, I found myself drawn back to the place I love most: Camp Pontiac. As my journey comes full circle, I am ecstatic to say that I am coming back to you, Pontiac, but this time it’s permanent! I am and always will be a camper at heart, a counselor in spirit, alumni forever, and a compassionate professional dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of campers. Now that I’m back at Pontiac, I look forward to giving back to all campers what the staff gave to me: an experience of a lifetime summer after summer.