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The Role of GOBS at Camp Pontiac

GOBS summer camp counselor with two younger boy campers

Meet Amy, a dedicated GOBS counselor who works to create an incredible boys’ summer camp experience.

Hello, my name is Amy, and I am one of the GOBS (or Girls On Boys Side) at Camp Pontiac! I’m 22 years old and live in England. After spending the past two summers at Camp Pontiac, my first summer as a tennis specialist, and last summer as a GOB, I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be returning for Summer 2024. Looking forward to reuniting with the same division of boys!

Being a GOB is a challenging yet incredibly rewarding role. GOBS are assigned to a boy’s lower camp division, ages ranging from 7 to 11 years old, where there are usually two or three GOBS based on the division’s size and needs. Last year, I worked with the Freshman Boys, aged nine.

A Day in the Life of GOBS

As a GOB, you are a general summer camp counselor who sleeps on Girls Side, away from your division’s bunk. But each day involves participating in activities, meals, and evenings with your boys! My favorite activity is the waterpark, which fosters a great bond with the boys. They see you as an older sister figure, turning to you for support and guidance. Early mornings are part of the routine, assisting the boys with choosing clothes and preparing for morning line-up. When on duty, most of the day is spent on Boys Side with your division, away from your sleeping bunk.

day in the life of GOBS camp counselor

GOBS play a crucial role in lower boys camp. As female Boys Side general counselors, we are very attuned to the boys’ feelings. Equally, we are adept at approaching various situations from a different perspective to ensure the boys have a fulfilling summer. The unique bond we form with the boys certainly equals and often surpasses that of specialists and other general counselors.

Shaping Personal Development

Our ability to make small adjustments to the boys’ daily routines has a significant impact on their overall summer experience. Daily tasks range from bunk maintenance to personal care, emphasizing the diverse and varied nature of our role. Carrying drawstring bags known as “GOB bags,” which contain essentials like band-aids and sunscreen, highlight the practical aspect of our responsibilities. Beyond shaping the boys’ summer camp experience, GOBS leave a lasting impact, building lifelong connections and imparting valuable lessons.

Over seven weeks, we teach lessons in sharing, personal care, and life skills such as tying shoelaces and basic manners. Encouraging the boys to try different activities and new food during meal times contributes to their personal development. Inclusive participation in sports activities, including basic drills with the entire division, showcases their growth and newfound enjoyment in certain activities.

Along with the challenges that come with any worthwhile responsibility, the joy of participating in activities, helping the boys grow, and witnessing their development over seven weeks make the GOBS role immensely satisfying. The emotional difficulty in saying goodbye at the end of summer underscores the profound impact of camp on both campers and counselors, and the 10 months between summers can feel like forever because Camp Pontiac is such an amazing place.

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GOBS at Pontiac: A Unique and Invaluable Camp Experience

Camp Pontiac is more than just a summer camp; it’s an extraordinary experience for campers and counselors alike. With dedicated GOBS, like Amy, and a wide range of activities and programs, Camp Pontiac stands out as one of the best summer camps around. Our commitment to personal growth, bonding, and unforgettable memories sets us apart. GOBS play a pivotal role at Camp Pontiac, providing an added layer of supervision that is not found at most camps. We take pride in offering this unique and invaluable element to our youngest boys’ summer camp experience. If you’re looking for a summer camp that offers your child a unique and enriching experience, look no further than Camp Pontiac. Join us, and let your child embark on a summer adventure they’ll cherish forever.


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 For more information on how your son will benefit from a summer at Camp Pontiac, please feel free to email us at [email protected].