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Theater and Performing Arts: Lights, Camera, Action at Camp Pontiac

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At Camp Pontiac, the curtain rises not just on adventure and sports but also on a captivating theater and performing arts program. Nestled within the picturesque grounds in Copake, New York, the air-conditioned “Pontiac Playhouse” stands as the hub of creativity, inviting campers into a world of dramatic flair and artistic expression.

Exploring the Pontiac Playhouse: Where Creativity Takes Center Stage

Pontiac Playhouse is the perfect backdrop (literally) for our theater and music program’s performances.

The Pontiac Playhouse is the heartbeat of our summer theater program, boasting a state-of-the-art stage, lighting, and sound system that sets the scene for Broadway-style spectacles. Under the guidance of experienced directors – a theater director, musical director, and choreography director – campers discover their flair for the limelight or delve into the intricacies of backstage magic.

Behind the Scenes: From Set Design to Showmanship

Beyond the spotlight, our theater program encourages campers to explore the world of stagecraft. The stage crew roles unfold opportunities for unleashing creativity in set design and mastering the subtleties of theater production. From crafting props to designing costumes, our set/costume designers inspire campers to bring their imaginative visions to life.

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Participation and Versatility: A Variety of Performances

The allure of our summer theater program lies in its inclusivity. Campers have the choice to participate in performances, where they embody characters, sing their hearts out, or showcase their dance moves. Be it the annual talent shows, the upbeat discos, or the lively Sing and “Puttin’ on the Hits”, our Playhouse theater at Camp Pontiac is a stage for every passion and talent to shine. 

Adaptability and Fun: Beyond the Stage

The Pontiac Playhouse isn’t merely a stage for grand productions; it’s a versatile space that weaves entertainment into every aspect of camp life. In the event of inclement weather, it transforms into a haven for indoor entertainment, screening movies or hosting engaging game shows, ensuring the fun never dwindles, rain or shine.

Camp Pontiac Offers a Spectrum of Activities Beyond Theater

While theater and performing arts add a touch of drama and creativity, Camp Pontiac’s vibrancy extends far beyond the stage. Alongside our stellar theater program, we offer an array of activities – from sports to the newest STEM program – ensuring campers can explore and indulge in their diverse interests. 

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Shine a Spotlight on Passion and Creativity with Camp Pontiac 

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At Camp Pontiac, the theater and performing arts program isn’t just about lights, camera, and action; it’s about fostering a sense of imagination, teamwork, and self-expression. Whether campers discover their love for performing or explore the nuances of production, the Pontiac Playhouse is a stage where dreams take flight.


Is the theater program open to campers of all skill levels?

Absolutely! Our program caters to beginners and seasoned performers alike, encouraging everyone to embrace their creativity.

Are there opportunities for campers to explore different roles within the theater program?

Certainly! Campers can engage in behind-the-scenes activities like set design, prop creation, costume designing, and technical aspects, contributing to the overall theater experience.

How are performances showcased at Camp Pontiac?

We host a number of events throughout the summer including talent shows, Sing, “Puttin’ on the Hits”, and discos as well as larger-scale productions, providing ample opportunities for campers to showcase their various talents.

How does the theater program integrate with other camp activities at Camp Pontiac?

The theater program complements the diverse range of activities – from athletics to adventure to hobbies and STEM – available at Camp Pontiac, ensuring campers have a holistic and enriching summer experience.