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DAY 10

Jul3 night 010

Day 10

Today was yet another perfect day at camp as we had a beautiful, bright sunny day. Our campers had a busy schedule full of outdoor activities, including waterfront and pools to cool down from the heat.

Our lower camp girls went on a fun adventure today with a trip to Zoom Flume, our second favorite water-park after, of course, our very own Poontoon here at Rhoda Lake.

In the evening the Super Boys and Girls visited Treetop Village where they were dancing and enjoying delicious quesadillas and s’mores by the campfire. Tonight there were Boys Leagues, Juniors enjoyed Hershey Game, Subbies and CIT’s were singing Hits, and the lower camp was at the Paramount watching a movie. Seniors left camp for some pizza and watched a movie. It all ended with bedtime milk and cookies for our youngest campers.