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DAY 25

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Day 25

Today was a hot day at Camp Pontiac. Our campers spent their day playing basketball, hockey, tennis, lacrosse, or volleyball. However, in the afternoon most of the campers cooled down either by the pools, lake or on the waterpark.

For tonight’s activity, our Braves went out for dinner at the Clock Tower. The rest of boys’ side either played soccer, basketball, or volleyball for league games. Our Freshman girls played a game called Hershey. Sophomore girls enjoyed a night of Dutch auction. Inters and Junior girls played panic on the lower side. Subbie and Senior girls played counselor hunt.  Super girls learned a little martial art (self-defense class) and the CIT girls enjoyed a movie in the Paramount.  Finally, tonight the Debs sat around the campfire up at Treetop eating quesadillas and smores.

Today’s tournaments results were:

1st place in Gymnastics at Danbee

2nd place in 10th grade soccer at Winadu

2nd place in Dance at Timberlake

1st place in 8th grade lacrosse in Greylock

2nd place in 6th grade Mahkeenac baseball