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DAY 39

Humanitarians 004
Day 39 
This morning our Supers and CITs arrived back to camp safely from their incredible ten day trip of Southern California. Everyone was excited to see them but more importantly, everyone is waiting for color war break.
Tonight was our second Humanitarian Awards as well as our 5,7,and 9 year dinner. Congrats to all!



Debs:             Camryn Sanchez

Madelyn Appell

Frosh:            Addison Cioffi

Mia Hodor

Sophs:           Brooke Siegel

Devon Gellert

Inters:            Meri Haber

Allie Pearlman

Juniors:         Julia Fells

Lauren Fox

Subbies:        Hannah Cohen

Hayden Schneider

Lexi Garelick

Seniors:         Brooke Goldenberg

Supers:          Jordyn Rosenblatt

Jaden Mindich

CITs:               Jordyn Zeidman


Braves:          Gavin Bolton

Austin Weiss

Dylan Steuerman

Frosh:            Ethan Blumberg

Luke Casutto

Bradley Grundfast

Sophs:           Brian Pine

Harris Cantly

Inters:            Zach Hyman

Lucas Lihn

Juniors:         Noah Goldberg

Kenny Lieberman

Subbies:        Zack Spring

Eric Roth

Seniors:         Ben Gruber

Jordan Zucker

Supers:          Ryan Rabinowitz

Justin Kingsley

CIT’s:              Miles Capell

Dylan Srebnick