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DAY 21

Humanitarians 235

Today was a super fun and regular scheduled day here at Camp!

In the evening we all gathered together at the Playhouse to celebrate the Humanitarian Awards. We had some special guests last night that will be joining us all weekend for “Spirit Weekend”: The CITs of 2010.

The Humanitarian Awards were as follow:


Debs: Olivia Habib

Mia Kopelowitz

Frosh: Delilah Ben Cannan

Joey Goldman

Reese Baum

Sophs: Blake Rabinowitz

Tory Mogeloff

Inters: Maya Sadat

Audrey Rosenberg

Juniors: Alexa Wohelleben

Subbies: Vanessa Pliskow

Bella O’Calaghan

Seniors: Leah Goldstein

Sydney Sabesan

Payton Sack

Supers: Elia Saltzman

CITs:     Skye Cohen


Braves: Noah Thompson

Chase Thompson

Frosh: Benny Hurewitz

Matthew Fleishman

Sophs: Casey Schiller

Cole Zinman

Inters: Reid Habas

Nate Harmelin

Juniors: Noah Zinman

Harrison Roth

Subbies: Jackson Fields

Alex Willis

Seniors: Max Cantley

Jared Shapiro

Supers: Matt Mindich

Jamie Black

CIT’s:  Justin Kingsley