Day 41

COLOR WAR!!!!!!!!!

Today was one of the funniest and busiest days at Camp Pontiac.

This morning we started on Girls Side with a “Gitchy Gummie” All Female campers had an amazing relay competition around camp.

On boys side we had the “College Game Day” finals, after weeks of great sport competitions, sportsmanship, cheering and a lot of passion, we congratulate the Maryland team, who ended up taking the first place trophy.

After a great day of fun, sportsmanship and a tasty dinner, CIT’s had their traditional Color War fake out who unknowingly gathered all campers at the new camp fire site on the island for the actual break out.

White Armada and Red Buccaneers sailed ships across our lake and towards our campers, who waited with expectations to find out what the team names and generals were. Once the boats docked generals threw out the Color War Pamphlets to the excited crowd.

White Armada

Joe Choppi

Lindsay Pelinger

Camper Generals:

Cooper Siegel

Marlie Androsiglio

Red Buccaneers


Tanner Moss

Sam Pelinger

Camper Generals:

Jagger Kushner

Ally Hendler


break out 252

break out 108

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Day 40

Today was a GREAT day at Pontiac!!

There was a regular morning of activities for our middle and upper camp. The lower camp had inter-camps, home and away with Timberlake. In the back of everyone’s minds, though, is the exciting prospect of Color War………Coming soon!!

An evening of entertainment started with the fantastic “Charlie Brown” play put on by our lower camp in the Playhouse. Middle camp enjoyed an exciting Grumet soccer tournament championship with a late goal finalizing the 5-4 score.  The evening concluded with the lower camp boys having fun at the Island with a campfire and S’mores.

morning  around  050

morning  around  037

Camp Pontiac camp fire  001

Day 39

Supers and CITs returned safely to Camp Pontiac today at noon from their California trip. Family is complete again!

Today we set up two Slip N Slides on camp;  campers had the chance to relax and enjoyed going up and down on the slide.

Humanitarian Award Winners!!

Tonight the second Humanitarian Awards for 2015 were given out to campers that showed exemplary behavior to their fellow campers and towards the staff. The boys side gathered in the Playhouse Theater while the girls held their ceremony at the new campfire area on the island.




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After the Humanitarian awards, special recognition was given to those campers who have been part of the Pontiac family for 5, 7 and 9 years, who later on tonight, where invited to Four Brothers to have a special dinner night.

Those receiving the award tonight from Boys’ Side were:

  • Joey Plotz
  • Jordan Lieberman
  • Trevor Maybaum
  • Jared Sanders
  • Max Futter
  • Jordan Badler
  • Zach Chostaka
  • Sam Kroin
  • Dillon Greenbaum
  • Max Berk
  • Mikey Maldanado
  • Ben Gruber
  • Ryan Rabinowitz
  • Jeremy Schutzer
  • DJ Gaffney
  • Tyler Weinstein
  • Jake Fogelman
  • Justin Broxmeyer
  • Eric Silverstein
  • Kyle Berlinsky
Those receiving the award tonight from Girls’ Side were:
  • Ilana Slade
  • Isabel Feldman
  • London Simpson
  • Allie Perlman
  • Charley Dvorin
  • Lauren Fox
  • Jade Gelman
  • Britney Gramajo
  • Sophia Kingsley
  • Jade Volper
  • Nicole Gaspin
  • Bryn Goodstad
  • Talia Schuster
  • Carly Dvorin
  • Brittany Fenton
  • Amanda Messing
  • Amanda Cavaliero
  • Jolie Jatz
  • Brittany Goldenberg


Day 38

Today we had a wonderful day at Pontiac. All morning,  campers where busy with their activities in which were included Cooking with Carol, Legoland, Models, Waterpark, Lakefront, gymnastics among other activities.

Boys Tennis Team and Staff celebrated a great win in our “Pontiac Invitational Tennis Tournament” in which Pontiac team took the Victory.

Afternoon 168

A special shout out as well to Benny Udine and Josh Greenberg who won a close rain delayed final in the 8th grade and under doubles against Jamie Black and Micky Maldonado. All four players were amazing today with their play and Sportsmanship.

For evening activities, Boys side had Leagues Finals and before the end of the night, campers enjoyed some movies inside different air-conditioned facilities around camp.

1, 2, 3, 4… WE WANT COLOR WAR!

All of us here are very excited about color war. When is it going to be? What are the team names this year? What color am I going to be on?

It could be any time soon! Stay tuned to find out and remember… Expect the unexpected!

Day 37

Today was an amazing sunny day at Pontiac. Activities fulfilled camp since early morning dressing the whole campus on red, white and a lot of spirit. The morning schedule included from water front activities, clinics and different sports, to cooking with Karen and Arts And Crafts.

Following lunch and a busy morning, our Preview Weekend kids left camp, after an amazing weekend of camp activities and loads of fun experiencing how camp life is going to be next year including a full schedule and a night out at Treetop. See you soon at Camp Pontiac 2016!

In the evening, everyone enjoyed a delicious BBQ dinner in the picnic area followed by our Annual “Dance Show and Pageant” where three teams showed their skills, Blue and Red team tied on first place; while Boys Side had leagues playoff, ending the night the Senior boys having a campfire at treetop.

Camp Pontiac Fire 063

Camp Pontiac Fire 064

Day 36

Today was yet another great day at Pontiac. This morning, Girls Side started with clinics and water park, followed by cooking with Karen, lake activities, Arts and Crafts and diverse sports.

On Boys Side, beside clinics and leagues, campers had a busy morning all around camp enjoying activities such as Water Park, swimming, lacrosse and baseball.

For evening activities we had our annual Lower Camp Sing. Most of lower camp gathered in the Playhouse where our girls had the chance to show their creativity and singing skills. All of the groups have been practicing hard the past week and did a fantastic job entertaining the audience tonight.

Lower Camp Sing winners: Sophs and Freshmen

z (137)

z (125)


On Boys Side, lower camp had the chance to play on our stadium-lighted turf field, where we had the “Middle Camp Grumet Soccer Tournament”.

At the end of the day, the Braves and our Preview weekend kids enjoyed a magical night at our Treetop Camp Site where they played, enjoyed some quesadillas did the Mohawk walk obstacles and ended up the night by having some s’mores before going to bed.


As a reminder, we are holding our annual Alumni Day at camp on Saturday, August 8th, from 10:30 AM to 9:00 PM. Alumni who are of college age and older are invited to attend. We are looking forward to seeing you and have you catch up with old friends and re-live camp memories. You will have an opportunity to watch color war activities, use the zip line as well as enjoy the water park. A BBQ lunch will be served as well as a dinner in the canteen. Day will conclude at 9:00 PM.

You can find more details by visiting our Official Facebook  page at: or by clicking on the next link: Camp Pontiac Facebook

Day 35

Great day today at Pontiac! Weather keeps reminding us all “Its summer time!” And here, in the land of red and white… We love it!

Day started with a busy morning schedule, Boys lower camp had leagues,  while Girls Side was segregated between Arts and Crafts Swim instruction, Tennis and Outdoor Adventure.

Later today on Boys Side we had the annual “Freshman Boys Wimbledon Championships 2015”

For evening activities:

Boys Side: leagues

Debs (and Preview Girls): Campfire at treetop

Frosh/Sophomore/Inter Girls: Sing Practice

Jr./Subbie Girls: Movies

Soph and Inters: Ice ream shop.

Preview weekend started today, kids had an amazing day and they are having great fun! Don’t forget to visit Bunk1 and access to a special daily photo folder made just for them!



Debs camp Pontiac Camp Fire040





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Day 34

Today’s Activities.

We are in Trip Week Day 4 and our campers in Cali are having a blast!

Camp activities today were:


Debs: Tennis, Gymn Dance, MA, Sing Practice, General Swim

Fresh: Kickball, Newcomb, A&C, OA, Sing Practice, General swim

Soph: Water-Park, Kickball, Newcomb, Big Top, General Swim

Inter: A&C, OA, Tennis, General Swim

Junior: Beach


Braves: Leagues, Tennis, Swim, Movie, General swim

Fresh: Leagues, Lax, FB, Water-Park, Movie, General Swim

Soph: Leagues, Boat Swim, LAX FB, Movie, General Swim

Inter: FB, BB, Water-Park, Leagues, Canteen, General Swim

Junior: Beach

For evening activity our campers gathered into the Playhouse to enjoy “Cinderella, the Show” they did a fantastic job entertaining the audience tonight.


As a reminder, we are holding our annual Alumni Day at camp on Saturday, August 8th, from 10:30 AM to 9:00 PM. Alumni who are of college age and older are invited to attend. We are looking forward to seeing you and have you catch up with old friends and re-live camp memories. You will have an opportunity to watch color war activities, use the zip line as well as enjoy the water park. A BBQ lunch will be served as well as a dinner in the canteen. Day will conclude at 9:00 PM.

Day 33

We are still in trip week but the fun never stops at Camp Pontiac.

This morning, we had the “Debs Wimbledon Championships 2015” where the Debs had the chance to show and practice the skills they’ve been learning all summer, while the Braves and the rest of boys lower camp had the chance to exhibit their skills during the “Grumet Soccer Tournament”.

Int Day 2 By Mike 031

For the afternoon, the Braves and Freshmen boys when out on a “Mystery Day” where they got to enjoy an amazing afternoon full of special activities, including bowling, a movie and Four Brothers Pizza off camp.

Int Day 2 By Mike 129

On Girls side, all of lower camp was full of witches, ghosts and different kinds of cute friendly ghouls. Campers dressed up and enjoyed a fun and amazing Halloween night.


Braves and freshman boys had a wonderful “mystery day” trip out of camp. The afternoon started with bowling and was followed by a movie in town “Minions”.4B's017

All the boys really enjoyed this two great activities, especially being out of the heat all afternoon. The trip ended with a fun dinner at 4b’s and arriving back to camp to shower, have canteen and a well needed rest and sleep in their air-conditioned bunks and prepare for a great day tomorrow. -Rick