Day 24

Beach Day
Summer keeps getting all over Camp Pontiac, we ran a regular schedule for all morning activities, and today again a “Beach Day” was declared for the afternoon.
Outdoor activities were canceled,  and we all got to spend some time having fun around the pool and waterfront areas.
while some other campers spent the afternoon watching movies and playing  games in the air conditioned facilities.
For Evening Activities:
Upper Camp: Square-Dancing
Debs & Braves: Bingo
Soph Boys:  DodgeBall
Freshman Boys: Camp Fire at Tree-Top





Day 23.

Beach Day!!

Due to a very nice day with a very hot weather, a “Beach Day” was declared for the afternoon. All outdoor activities were canceled, except for the ones at the pools and the waterfronts.

Besides water sports, campers enjoyed watching movies and playing games in the air conditioned facilities among which were square dancing practice and some movies.

For evening activity the entire camp had plenty of activities:

  • Braves, Frosh & Sophs: Pool Party.
  • Middle camp: Grumet/movies Playhouse.
  • Supers to BH Street Hockey/VB.
  • Debs/Fr: extended free play ice cream shop.
  • So/Int girls: movie Paramount.
  • Subbie girls: Treetop.
  • Upper camp girls: Sing practice.
  • Senior boys: capture the flag.
  • CIT boys: group game.

Camp Pontiac Fire054

Day 22

We had a great busy day full of special events…

In the morning starting with:

Sibling’s day:

Our campers enjoyed a whole day with their siblings they had loads of fun! Hung around camp facilities, took a bunch of photos and most important, they enjoyed themselves as a family.

Rookie Day:

Our rookies had an amazing day in Pontiac, while parents toured camp, “rookies” experienced a fun-filled day at Pontiac participating in activities with their age group. Rookies enjoyed a wide range of activities, including instruction in team and individual sports, swimming at the pool and enjoyed lake activities as well as traditional camp games, ending a perfect day with slush and Ice-cream in our Ice cream parlor. Rookie Day was a great way to experience camp life at Pontiac!

Birthday Ball:

Campers on girls’ side had the traditional Birthday Ball, where divided in four teams representing each season of the year, they sang their March and every team prepared a cake and the commemorative plaque of the team.

The winners for this year were:

Plaque: Fall with Toy-Story

Cake: Summer with Despicable me

March and the overall: Fall with Toy-Story

At the end of the day Braves were at Treetop, having quesadillas and some s’mores by the campfire.


Day 20

Today’s Activities:

Today was beautiful at Camp Pontiac with another day of all regularly scheduled activities.

In the morning Girls Side had Tribal War and the afternoon saw College Game Day on Boys Side. Everyone had so much fun and were so busy for each competition.

Today was also the annual Davis Tennis Cup tournament in which the British team won the gold medal. In the afternoon we also had the Annual Tennis Fed Cup, where team USA took the victory.





For the evening activities:

Girls: Birthday Ball practice

Lower camp boys: movie

Soph girls: Tree-Top

Inters: 4B’s and movie

Jrs: capture the flag

Subs/Srs: Soccer

Supers: wipeout


Day 19

Humanitarian Award Winners

Tonight the first Humanitarian Awards for 2015 were given out to campers that showed exemplary behavior to their fellow campers and towards the staff.
Those receiving the award tonight from Boys’ Side were:
  • Harrison Honig.
  • Grant Fidel.
  • Noah Zinman.
  • Jacob Schnier.
  • Zachary Pero.
  • Max Hayim.
  • Devin Shell.
  • Jordan Mosberg.
  • Max Cantley.
  • Austen Reiss.
  • Matt Fells.
  • Nicholas Grieco.
  • Matthew Maitland.
  • Jagger Fleissig.
  • Derek Sheinberg.
  • Jared Epstein.
  • Jake Weinstein.
  • Nick Disanti.
  • Josh Gabbay.
  • Adam Jaffe.
Those receiving the award tonight from Girls’ Side were:
  • Gracie Gans/Jordana Sheiowitz
  • Bella Lippman
  • Devin Ross


  • Emily Smith
  • Emily Stangel


  • Stella Dinov
  • Sophie Greenfield
  • Brianna Steiner


  • Brooke Goldenberg
  • Gabrielle Wittles


  • Hannah Mandel
  • Blake Assael


  • Sydney Saunders
  • Dani Weiner


  • Haley Brust
  • Olivia Akin


  • Sami Saunders
  • Dania Shefflin
  • Humanitarian001 Humanitarian002 Humanitarian003 Humanitarian004 Humanitarian005 Humanitarian006 Humanitarian007 Humanitarian008 Humanitarian009 Humanitarian010 Humanitarian011 Humanitarian012 Humanitarian013 Humanitarian014 Humanitarian015 Humanitarian016 Humanitarian017 Humanitarian018 Humanitarian019

Day 18

Today was another day of regularly scheduled activities for the entire camp.  All of our campers enjoyed a day full of outdoor activities as well as Legoland and models.

Tonight’s evening activity highlights included:

  • Boys Leagues (milk & cookies)
  • Jr Boys Treetop
  • Jr Girls Panic Night
  • Inter girls ice cream shop
  • Panic night on the Hill.

Congratulations to our Junior Girls soccer team, who were gracious hosts and runners up at today’s soccer tournament.


Day 17



For the evening activity,  our lower camp gathered into the Playhouse.

The Pontiac Players Theatrical Ensemble wowed the camp tonight with a with a very energetic as well as entertaining performance of Grease the Musical. Both children and adults were delighted and are eagerly looking forward to the next production,  Cinderella,  later this summer.

Morning005 Show039

Day 16

Sunny day @ Camp
Campers had a busy day of activities with the normal daily schedule. Form the 1st to the 5th period all campers attended their clinics, selectives and instructional activities.
In the evening everyone enjoyed  a delicious BBQ dinner in the picnic area and then they went to the evening activities around the campus.
For the first time Freshman Boys went to the amazing new camp fire by Boys HQ, having a great time and delicious s’mores.

night082 Afternoon016 Morning074